Beau Rivage Resort & Casino

Visit to the Beau Rivage during the Gulf Coast Poker Championship

by Landlord79 on 09/19/2007. Landlord79 has played this room less than 5 times.

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Overall Impressions
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I really enjoyed playing in the Beau's poker room, it is definitely a class act. The room is very hi-tech as poker rooms go, and the staff is incredible. I guess it is due to the fact that the Beau is a brand new facility after hurricane Katrina, but the air quality in the Beau Rivage is incredible. There is barely a hint of smoke smell in room and it lacks the smokey haze of traditional casino floors.

The only thing I would change about the Beau's room is the $6 timed rake that they take every 30 minutes. For a tight player like me, it really forces me to pay more rake than I would normally. The room would definitely be a solid 5 if it weren't for the timed rake. They should look into the poker rooms at Tunica to see the kind of action that a $4 pot rake will bring in.
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The physical perks of this room are top notch. Starting w/ the chairs, they are very comfortable, both swivel and reclining. The chairs lack wheels but that won't deter me from giving them an overall 5 in this category. The tables were well padded with slide-under, metal cup holders.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Beau was the on table check in for your rewards card. Through this, the dealers are able to enter your seat number and with a screen on the table they have the benefit of knowing your name, even if they have never dealt for you before.

The upper tier has 4 flat-screens and the lower has 6. I had a great view from my table in the upper tier of the Saints getting beat by the Colts. This was quite disappointing as the Saints were supposed to be a decent football team this year.

The shuffle masters are a bit inconveniently located in the middle of the table to the dealers left. I guess if you have a rewards card check in system like they have, something has to be moved. This is a minor inconvenience.
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The dealers were always professional, and some were very entertaining. There is a bit of a delay in changing out the dealers; this is mostly due to the collecting of the timed rake. This is offset by the time saved because they aren't taking a pot rake, but having it all bunched up together like that is a little annoying. I can't recall any poor actions by the dealers, so I'll give them a 5!
Food and Drink
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I personally didn't order any food at the Beau, but I witnessed a neighbor ordering and eating table-side food service. The wait staff was very attractive and efficient. The ladies always had a smile on their faces and, as a whole, were some of the best that I have ever seen.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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The Beau uses a Bravo software for their waiting list. This software was very efficient and kept the wait to a minimum during a very busy WPT event. During prime hours on a Friday night, the wait was only up to 30 minutes. This, in my opinion, is incredible. Both times that I played there, I was seated immediately. I showed up prior to the peak hours and was part of a new table each time.
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The Beau offers it's player's $1.70/ hr toward food comps and as stated above you are able to check in right at the table when you sit down.

Poker room rates for the hotel are $90 for Friday and Saturday nights, and $70 for Sunday through Thursday nights. They require you to play 5 hours of poker per day, and I'm sure with the on table checkin, they can verify that you played the minimum amount of time.

Their BBJP stands at $114k for quad 5s or better getting beat at holdem, and $17k at Omaha for quad 10s or better getting beat.