IP Casino Resort & Spa

Quick visit to the IP

by Landlord79 on 09/29/2007. Landlord79 has played this room first time.

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Overall Impressions
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The IP was a great looking room, it was very spacious and basically had its own floor apart from the main casino floors. There are about 100 slot machines on the floor outside of the 3/4 wall surrounding the poker room floor. It's a non-smoking room, so this is very pleasant. I would give them a higher rating, but I'm not much of a fan of the $6 half hour rake.
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The 7 tables have auto-shufflers and a tannish brown felt with red pads which gives them a very distinctive and professional look. The cupholders are standard slide-under plastic. The chairs were comfortable looking even though they were fixed leg and non-reclining. There were 8 flat screens, which is awesome since there is nothing hanging from the ceilings to obstruct your view from any where in the room. The brush was centrally located near the center of the room, just make a Uie at the top of the elevator.
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I didn't have a chance to play at the IP, but I must say that the management team of the IP was very knowledgable and helpful.
Food and Drink
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I didn't stay long enough to order any food.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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If I can remember correctly, they had a computerized waiting list, and at 9am on a Saturday morning, I'm sure that I could have sat down immediately if I would have had time enough to play there.

There were 2 tables going at this time, a $1/2NL and a $4/8 Limit game.
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The player's comp offer was a full meal comp after 3 hours of play. This seems like a good return for your time.