Hawaiian Gardens Casino


by NJINJI on 10/13/2007. NJINJI has played this room approximately 10 times.

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Overall Impressions
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Overall, great room. All types of action. The 20/40 tables are unique and a great place to learn.
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Tables are modern, all have auto-shuffle and computer screens for players card (new). Space is average... can get crowded if alot of people are eating. The main poker room ($100 NL + limit) is HUGE. The 20/40 buyin NL has it's own room with about 25 tables. VIP area (300+ NL) is in the main room with a divider.
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Dealers are very professional. Only seen a few mistakes (actual mistakes not cards flipping over). Dealers apologized repeatedly. There are a few dealers that are slow but that is to be expected (maybe they're new). I'm pretty sure tips are split among all dealers or staff. Few will chat a bit but not much. Most all are very quiet.
Food and Drink
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Food is very good. Huge variety. Prices are very reasonable. Service is quick (pizza's have been the longest at about 20 min to cook).
Wait Time/Overall Service
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Wait times are very small. Computerized lists for 20/40/100 NL and limit. (20/40 room has it's own split screen with list. New tables are opened (on 20/40 if there are empty tables to open) throughout the day when 9/10 people get on the list. Wait is usually less than 10 min (but this is at 10am-noon).
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Recently added a players card. Clock 50 hours in NL in the next month and get 1 buy in for the 50k freeroll next month. 100 hours = 2 buy ins, 150 hours = 3 buy ins.

Food is cheaper than regular restaurant prices for players. VIP area ($300+ buy in NL) gets free food.

They have a jackpot, Aces full of tens beaten by 4 of a kind or better. Apparently they are "picky" abut the jackpot (i.e. rack(s) on the table will invalidate jackpot(at least in non vip area))