Club One Casino

Best in Central California

by EdmondDantes on 11/24/2007. EdmondDantes has played this room approximately 10 times.

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Overall Impressions
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Overall, I think Club One is the best choice for regular action in Central California. They offer good games, good food and first-rate service in a very nice facility with a full bar/restaurant. Specific games include:

Limit: 1/2, 2/4, 3/6, 4/8 (double jackpot), 6/12 and 15/30 regularly

NL: 1/1 (20-40 min-max), 2/2 (40-100), 3/5 (100-300) and 5/10 (1000-no max on Tue and Thu and weekends)

Omaha: 3/6 with a kill (Saturday only)

They also offer blackjack, Pai gow poker and 3-card poker

The cash games are pretty soft, the tournaments are better now that they've added level time, and I've found the dealers and staff to be friendly, professional and responsive.

Parking can be sketchy midday; there's an underground garage that's used by other downtown businesses so it can get crowded. Nights and weekends are no problem, though.

If you're looking for reliable poker action in the Fresno area, this is it. They need a player comp program, though!
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The casino floor is all one room with a high stakes and cash area to the right, tournament area to the left and blackjack and pai gow games toward the front. The interior is clean and well-maintained and there's security throughout the facility. Some fixtures are a little dated, but the tables and chairs are all in good shape. There are auto-shufflers on the cash game tables, but honestly, the dealers are quick enough without them. The tournament tables are a mixed of some synthetic felt and some regular felt and they don't have auto-shufflers, but they're big enough to seat 10 players comfortably and are in good shape.

Club One recently installed 6-7 flat screen TVs around the casino floor and bar area to complement the existing regular TVs. It was pretty easy to watch the Patriots crush the Bills from any seat in the house. There's also a Polo Lounge room which shows off-track horse-betting. I'm not a horse fan, but the lounge is usually active and the races are shown on several of the TV monitors throughout the poker room.
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The dealers and floor-staff are first-rate and act like they actually enjoy working there. It’s a nice change from the cynics you often find pitching cards in the So Cal or Vegas rooms. I recently played the Ace of Diamonds tournament and only saw one misdeal, an exposed card that the dealer retrieved and dealt through without any disruption whatsoever. It was a sharp contrast with this year’s WSOP where I saw misdeals every hour each of which would stall the play for a good minute or so.
Food and Drink
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Like all the California rooms I’ve played, Club One doesn’t comp alcohol drinks. In fact, I was told the Club’s city ordinance doesn’t allow it. Table-side service was responsive, though and the food and drinks are reasonably priced off the player’s menu. LakeofFire was at Club One he raved about the Vietnamese cube steak and one of the servers mentioned it was the most popular item on the Asian menu, but I wasn’t wild about it.

I had better luck later with the Club One burger. It’s a good, cheap burger and my only complaint was that my server forgot to bring ketchup and mustard with it so I had to ask the Asian hottie next to me to borrow hers. In any event, the food here gets the job done—not as good as Ocean’s or the Bike but competitive with the Commerce and the Hustler.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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The Club has two sign-up boards both of which are managed manually. The NL board is by the tournament area and the main board is closer to the high stakes area. The staff is good about seating you quickly and it's easy to hear your name called from anywhere in the casino.

Wait times are relatively short (<20 minutes usually). I got seated in a 2/2 NL game immediately on a Saturday afternoon at around 5p. Most limit and NL games ran pretty late; several games including 2/4, 3/6, 6/12 and 2/2 NL run around the clock.

As I mentioned above, table service is fast and responsive.
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Club One offers good food from a player's menu with reduced prices. As I mentioned above, Club One doesn’t comp alcohol drinks per city ordinance. Food is free to players in the high stakes games--5/10 NL and 15/30 limit. Club One doesn't have a player comp program at present but does offer bad beat jackpot and high hand bonuses.