Bicycle Casino

One of the best!

by lakeoffire on 01/05/2008. lakeoffire has played this room approximately 20 times.

Average rating (1-5 chips; 5=best): 
Overall Impressions
Category rating: 
Huge room with many games to chose from. If you like poker, you will love the Bike.
Category rating: 
Comfortable tables and chairs and plenty of room. No annoyances. Modern room, easy sign-up. Big flatscreens, easily seen from anywhere in casino.
Category rating: 
Some of the best dealers in town (probably anywhere).
Food and Drink
Category rating: 
Drink service comes around quite often. Nice menu with many food items and you can eat at the tables.
Wait Time/Overall Service
Category rating: 
I have never waited over 10 min for a 1/2 or 2/3 NL. Sign-up screen is huge.
Category rating: 
They offer all of your normal promotions Bad beat, high hand etc. I haven't used my card, I will get back to you.


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