Caesars Palace

Best Room in Town

by lakong on 01/02/2007. lakong has played this room less than 5 times.

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Overall Impressions
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I really enjoyed this room and have recommended it to anyone who would listen. It is by far my favorite room. I played in a $2/5 NL game but it played much higher because there was not max buy-in. Almost everyone at the table had at least $500 and over half had a few thousand. What was most surprising was almost every player there was not very good. These guys were more gamblers than poker players. In fact one guy saw 100% of the flops the entire time I was there -- about 5 hours. Even if the pot was 3 bet up to $50 he would call with any two cards. One time a pot was 3 bet to $90 and 4 people saw the flop. Only the last raiser had a hand -- I believe TT. The other guys all had rags.
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This room is 5 star (or chip!) all the way. It is a separate room and is physically segregated from the rest of the casino. You walk through a long private corridor to enter the room. It feels very much like entering a high-end restaurant. The tables are all plush and new, the décor is very classy and it is very roomy, it doesn’t feel cavernous and empty like some rooms.
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The dealers were all top notch and helpful.
Food and Drink
Great food service. They serve top shelf liquor and the waitresses are very attentative. They also serve food right at the table. The menu is great, a bit expensive, but it clearly comes from a high-end restaurant. In fact, I asked for fruit and the waiter told me that he doesn't think they have it but will do what he can. He came back with a huge, fancy fruit spread that probably cost about $20, but he gave it to me for free. They also bring over really fancy tables to service the food on. I could not be more impressed.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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I played during the day and there wasn't much wait at all. I wanted to play in the $2/5 NL game with no max buy-in, but a seat was not available. They sat me at a $1/2 table and after about 5 minutes they came over and got me and assisted me over to the $2/5 table. I had just played in the Venetian the day before and the same thing happened, but the manager did not come over and get me. They paged me and I never heard it.