Flamingo Las Vegas

A relaxing, pleasant room!

by juliep on 01/19/2007. juliep has played this room less than 5 times.

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Overall Impressions
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What's not to like? I love the hotel, and they basically put this nice little room off in a corner of the casino, with its new blue felt top tables, that are easy on the eyes, comfortable chairs and quiet environment. Attracts a nice crowd. Highly recommended!
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As pointed out above, the tables & chairs are newish & comfortable; auto shufflers on tables. It is not a large room, but tables are a comfortable distance from each other, and you don't get that noisy buzz like other rooms.
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The dealers here are really terrific, my experience. Could not ask for better.
Food and Drink
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I love a good drink, and the waitresses were always around to fill my orders when needed. Coffee was also there to keep us on our toes, and it helped one night when I played until 2 AM.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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I have been here about 4 times, and my experience was mixed, depended on time I played. The later hours were hectic, and the management staff had a difficult time keeping up, but when i played in the early evening, before the room filled up, seating and game arrangements were handled better.
I did not notice comps