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Poker Odds Calculators

Chart Name Description
Hand Ranges  These charts shows a variety of hand ranges based on the estimated percentages of hand played 
Common Situations  This chart shows the odds of encountering certain hold 'em situations 
Heads-Up Odds  This chart shows the odds of common heads up pre-flop confrontations 
3-way Pre-flop Matchups  This chart shows the odds of a variety of 3-way pre-flop confrontations 
Odds of Overcards on Flop  This chart shows the odds of over-cards appearing on the flop given various pocket pair holdings 
Odds of Running into an Overpair  This chart shows the odds of facing an overpair if you hold a smaller pocket pair 
Matchups - On the flop  This chart shows the win/loss percentages of a variety of hands on the flop 
Odds of Flopping Certain Hands  This chart shows the odds of flopping a variety of hands given certain hole cards 
Outs  This chart shows the odds you have of improving your hand given the number of outs you have 

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This is our poker odds calculator. You can use this calculator to determine the win percentages and/or odds of various hands head to head. Options include: graphic or text interface; number of players; results presented as win% and/or odds; pot amount and maximum call amounts based on resultant odds.

This is our full EV calculator. You can use this calculator to evaluate your expected value given your best guess of the range of hands you may be up against. Inputs include: pot amount, call amount, your hand, the board and a variety of opposing hands with probabilities for each.