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Bond18:   Online poker > live poker

I’ve written many times before that I think online poker is superior to live. After spending the last six months experiencing a high volume of both, I feel like I’ve finally accumulated enough information in order to present a thorough list on why online poker is greater than live poker. Let’s break it down issue by issue...

Read Bond18's complete post here...Online poker > live poker

And in case you missed it, Bond18 reflects on another birthday...I'm getting too old for this shit.

Featured Player

Bond18:   Live poker > Online poker

IJust to prove it’s all about how you spin things let’s take a look at the reasons why live poker is vastly superior to online:

1. Social interaction:

a. Live poker: Has real flesh and blood people. You can look at them, hear them, smell them, and touch them; though purposely and blatantly attempting the last two may lead to many awkward situations. You’ll meet people from all walks of life at the table and can make friendships that’ll last a life time, but most of all you’ll witness some truly hilarious interactions.

b. Online poker: Where all your friends and peers are the same little flashing box on whatever instant messaging system you prefer and the closest thing you have to interaction at work is a 30 second conversation with the delivery man from the Indian place...

Read Bond18's complete post here...Live poker > Online poker

And in case you missed it, Bond18 reflects on another birthday...I'm getting too old for this shit.

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TwoRagsStaff:  PokerNetcast (aka LATB) videos

We are happy to report that we have more LATB videos for your viewing pleasure from our friends over at PokerNetcast (formerly, Live at the Bike).

Live at the Bike: AK vs. QQ -- Tough Decisions
Live at the Bike: Get the ##%$# off the phone!
Live at the Bike: AK vs. QQ -- Tough Decisions

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