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Who Woulda Thought

AHMWM Wow......figures.....I am now down half a buy-in on the month after some ridiculous coolers. I have now slipped 6 buy-ins in about 4 days. Absolutely sick to my stomach. I now feel like I'm playing bad when it seems like I'm not. I played close about 1500 hands today and a friend watch the last several hundred. Many of the hands just left both of us shaking our head. I don't know what to make of any of it. It all started after one round river card....Right after I had put myself in the positive numbers for the day...


Then here are some more of my favorites....

One Higher

Are you #$%^@!& kidding me???



There are so many more hands where I get outflopped or sucked into a hand where I'm already drawing dead. It is so tough to stay off tilt after that. Well I guess it's back to ground zero for October (well actually below zero). If I'm not up by the end of the month, that's probably a sign that I'm not the poker player I think I am and I better just give up. Or maybe it's just variance, I don't know....Either way it sucks....All I know is I'm gonna play through this, not take a break, I am better than this.....I'll keep you informed, hopefully tomorrow....Back to the Grind


EdmondDantes says

AHMWM...couple of things. First, yuck...nothing you can do about the T8 hand and I stack off with the JJ hand, too. The others, though. When that opponent in the nut flush hand with a paired board pauses before acting twice, I think you can get away from the hand. There's a surprising number of hands that beat you. Same thing when the guy leads out the river when you hold two pair. I fold that hand pre-flop and as played, fold to the river bet.


Anonymous says

I know what you mean. Try taking a break for a few weeks to rest those brain cells. Your thought processes will improve and your luck is bound to change.


lakong says

It happens. I hate to say it, but that's poker. You need to take the good with the bad or just stop playing.


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