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Case of the second best's

OzzieGrinder After writing my last entre, instead of going to bed I thought I would go get some breakfast on southbank. So I went to Greco (which was AMAZING) the american bacon was to die for.

Anyway after breakfast i decided to walk down and see what the game was like, sure enough I see this one table with 4 blokes I was playing with at 6pm the evening before. They where pouring the beers down as fast as they where at 6pm (which was a great effort I thought) so I sat down and the 3rd hand in I pick up pocket queens, UTG who is blind drunk and cant see past his nose grabs a hand full of chips ($60) and drops them in the middle, everyone else folds except for his drunking weed of a mate who was in the cut says "your a fuck head, you got nothing" and throughs all his chips ($127) in the middle. So i shove, the blinds fold and the twat UTG calls. We turn the cards up, UTG has J4s and his mate has Q10o. So my kings are looking good, flop comes KQ4 rainbow, the turn is a Q and would't you fucking know it, the river was the case Q. Then they had the nerve to sit there and give me shit about playing the hand the way that I did.

So I bought back in won half a buyin back and went to bed.


Bumboklaat says

Nice game. I hope you're there often. Sounds like a great way to pay your mortgage, or a retirement account or two. GL! peace


farkdog says

you're a fucking idiot!!! I bet you're a fat one too!!


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