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Its Over

OzzieGrinder Well last night was the final table of the main event of the melbourne poker champs. I played in 3 events and played ok in the 200k event, couldn't win a race the hole event. had AK 3 times against mid pockets and couldn't hit and i got knocked out with pocket jacks vs. KQ offsuit. Needless to say I was gutted.

The Omaha Hi/Lo was a great game and event to play in. I had allot of fun and meet some really nice people.

The main event I played SO SO SO bad. I donked off 60% of stack with in the first 4 levels. Then I got delt kings in the small blind and run into aces. So it was torny over. Which was probably a blessing anyway, after being knocked out I sat in the 2/3 nl game and picked up $700. So i was pretty happy coming home on friday night.

On Saturday I learnt the hardest lesson I have ever learnt in my life. I hit a 2 outer on the river against this really nice old guy, I felt so bad I wanted to give him his money back. He took off and said something in greek or italian not too sure. But after a hour he returned and sat down, didn't say a word but he was out to get me. Every pot I was in he was right there with me, I end up getting all my chips in with him when I had a set of 10's against his set of ducks. Sure enough the turn was the case duck, I was gutted. But what made this worse was the cock sucker then stood up and started making fun me and abusing me in greek or italian. I wanted to thump this prick right in the nose, I could not believe it a nice old guy then he turns into this cock head. So the lesson i learnt was NEVER EVER fell sorry for sucking out on someone.

After all this just to top things off Leeds United got beat in the promotion playoff spot last night loosing to Doncaster 1 - nil. GOD DAMM YOU LEEDS


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