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Trying Something New, A Lurkers First Blog

Pooojo33 Well, here goes.

First, hello and thank you to everyone already blogging at TwoRags. Since Bond started hosting his trip reports and strategy series here I've been getting to know the community. The past few years I've been a heavy lurker of places like this and 2+2 in an attempt to learn how not to be an idiot at a poker table. I've learn many new concepts and skills just by reading posts and advice others have given the extra effort to give. So hopefully this will be my transformation from lurker to active entity in the poker community.

I was welcomed into poker like many people with ESPNs coverage of the WSOP. Me and my friends did the whole home game thing for a while and finally I jumped on PartyPoker (if I only knew then what I know now---which isn't much by the way). I played SNGs for a while and then found poker books on limit and donked around in that for a while. A few books and a few years later I was lurking 2+2 and brought my game up to about break even.

This past summer I began playing tourneys and caught the bug. I'm a member of PokerSavvy and have steadily improved my tourney game. I have a whole lot to learn and I think by becoming more active in the community I'll improve at a much faster rate.

My idea of how I'll blog is going to start by explaining to others (and myself), what I think my biggest leaks are and giving examples of them in action. Hopefully I can get some responses from others who have or have had these leaks and the best ways to go about fixing them. That along with random updates in progress and the usual blogish things should get me going.

So here's to meeting some new people and hopefully snoballing my poker knowledge while having some fun along the way.



Mr_Taterhead says

Outstanding!!! Another Saints Fan!!!!

Welcome aboard.

CP3 4 MVP,obv


SixWays says

Welcome. Looking forward to the posts.


Pooojo33 says

Man how could I forget that. CP3 is da illest. MVP, alley-oop to TC, etc.


EdmondDantes says

Please don't encourage Taterhead. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


lakeoffire says

Welcome to tworags!


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