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Frustratingly Good (April results and observations about my game)

Pooojo33 Well, April has been a rather up and down month. I've accomplished a few things that are positive, and at the same time I'm becoming overly frustrated with my game in a few key areas. I'll start with the positive and then get to the whining about how I'm not that good later.

The last couple of months I've been running by bankroll from $1500 to $2200 with small scores here and there. My usual sessions involved playing mostly $4/180s, a single $24 on Full Tilt, and other $5-$10 tourneys whenever they fit my schedule. But once I scraped my bankroll up to 2K, I couldn't help but try some $20/180s and the 5r's. My early experience with the $20/180s was brutal. I think I went 25-30 only cashing once. Then a few months ago I got a 5th, and about a month ago I got a 4th. So with renewed confidence in $20/180s I made another final table to begin April and low and behold I won a freaking tournament. The $1080 for first was my biggest cash so far and I was very excited/proud.

Last night I returned from a 4 day vacation to Destin, Florida (and 4 days away from my laptop -- insert crack addict joke here) to play a full day of tourneys. I final tabled a $10 KO on Full Tilt and there was a player with a huge stack that would call every hand (raised or unraised pot) and then lead out on the flop w/ a pot bet (LITERALLY EVERY HAND!!!!). With everyone around 5 to 15 BBs this strategy worked pretty good since no one in a $10 tourney could figure out how to defend against this(even me??). He hit every flop where someone would take a stand or suck out to knock out most of the final table. I finally got a hand and shoved 99 for 18-19BBs when we were 4 handed and doubled through him with his monster call of A5o. We finally got rid of the last two and we were heads up. It's not often I actually have a decided plan against someone but this guy was easy. Wait for any kind of value hand and let him put all his money in. Down 2-1 in chips the 6th hand of heads up I got my shot. I limped Q10 on the button and we saw a flop of 10 8 3. I checked w/the intention of check raising but my plan was foiled by a 50BB shove by villian. So I of course call to find myself in great shape against his 87dd. Runner runner diamonds later, 2nd place for $711. Frustratingly good. I'll take it, seeing as thats only like my 3rd cash all month on Full Tilt. Which brings me to my next subject.

Since this year began, I've had a better perspective towards the learning part of poker. I'm trying to post more and think about things instead of just playing and hoping results would come my way. Currently I believe a play a decent late game when people tighten up or the game becomes avg stacks of 17-22BBs. I think I pick decent spots to steal and pick up pots if I'm short and can put pressure on when I'm medium/large stacked. I've increasingly noticed, however, that my early/mid game SUCKS!!! I just don't often find myself with chips late unless I get hit in the face with the deck. I'm almost certain that I'm not playing optimally when its early and I need to find a style that can help me build my stack without the help of monsters/coolers. I'm really not sure where to start either. I think it's a combination of leaks that culminate in me being shortstacked very early.

1) I think I play too tight early on.
--- I don't think this is too big of an error in the 180s because you only start w/ a 1500 chip bank. But in tourneys w/ more chips I think I need to find hands that I can play in position to pick up small to medium pots with.

2) I think I get too bluffy w/ my AK, AQ, midpair type hands
--- As a result of playing so tight, when I get AK I don't like to lose the pots that I play. This results in me raising w/ 25BBs, whiffing the flop, and then cbetting boards (getting raised off of my hand or called down) thus leaving me with under 20BBs and in short stack mode.

3) I think I'm a really big PUSSY!!!!!!
--- Sometimes I feel like such a bitch when I'm always the one getting raised out of pots. I was so happy yesterday when I checkraise bluffed all in and got a fold (and I don't even know if it was spew or not). I MUST find a way to be more aggressive POSTFLOP.


I would really like to hear some ways to improve on these parts of my game although I'm sure posting on 2+2 would be better to get feedback.

On the really bright side of this month. The Hornets are running shit against Dallas and I'm going to game 5 tomorrow where we will close these fuckers out and get ready for a really tough opponent in San Antonio. There's no way either of us will lose 3 straight.

GO HORNETS, CP3 FOR MVP, I'M OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



brad2002tj says

Sounds like you are playing pretty well to me. Keep building that roll.


Mr_Taterhead says

Keep grinding!!!


These Hornets are looking good.

My futures bet @ 20-1 on NBA Champs is looking goot!!!!


lakeoffire says

Keep it up and keep us posted.


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