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Final Table at UB!

SluggerWV I haven't been able to play as much as usual the past couple of weeks so it was nice to get to the Final Table in the $6.50 Bounty Tournament at UB. I really enjoy the bounty tournaments because it seems easier to get action with your good hands from the stacks who can double you up. The highlight of the evening was having two people call my all in pre-flop when I was dealt KK and then flopping quads! I took down a couple of bounties and entered the final table 5th in chips. I was able to increase my stack when Ak hit a King on the flop vs JJ. Unfortunately, the hand that crippled me was an all in w AKs pre-flop versus QQ. No help and I was soon out in 4th. A very nice payday and a great capper to a wonderful weekend.

Good Luck at the tables everyone.

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SixWays says

Nice Finish Slugger!


lakeoffire says

Good job! Gotta love quads.


Anonymous says

Congrats on the FT.


Anonymous says

good job, get off of ub tho


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