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Great Night Last Night for Friends of SluggerWV

SluggerWV Mathclub was only able to final table 3 tournaments yesterday. He spread out the success over three different sites as well: finishing 3rd of 411 in the 15k Guarantee Rebuy on FullTilt, 4th of 135 in the $1500 Guarantee Rebuy at UltimateBet, and finishing 4th of 144 in the 8k Guarantee on Bodog. These three tourneys paid MathClub more than $2500.00. Great job Sir. Keep it up.

Agriffrod finished 2nd of 612 in the FullTiltPoker $65,000 Guarantee, bringing in $13999.50. Nice cash sir and very well played.

Friend of the Blog and great guy SICKTIGHT311 made the final table at $3 tournament at PokerStars on 03-25-2008, bringing in $141.65 for finishing 6th out of 1349.

Great job guys. Keep up the good work.


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