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PokerNetcast (aka LATB) video

TwoRagsStaff Ok, so a few months back the folks from PokerNetcast (formerly, Live at the Bike) invited us over to their offices to brainstorm about what to do with the hours of video content they had on their hard drives. Now Edmond was huge Live at the Bike fan when it was running and he's kind of a smart-ass so he says, "Uh, maybe make it available?" which seemed like a pretty good idea. But the PokerNetcast folks are more ambitious than that so they waved him off asked us to come up with something more.

LakeofFire chimed in, "Maybe let us pull some LATB clips and offer commentary from some of our guys who actually know what they're doing?" Well, they liked that idea but still weren't satisfied.

At that point, lakong woke up from a nap over in the corner and blurted out, "Let's do a $1000 sit-n-go with Adanthar, nath, Psyduck, shaundeeb, SirWatts, Shaniac and Thayer. We'll get Layne Flack, Todd Brunson and round out the table with Jose Canseco!" He was delirious, of course, but before Edmond could muzzle him, they jumped on it.

click to enlarge the image
Shaun refects on the 15 MTTs he missed tonight

So now we've got a stash of PokerNetcast/LATB content and 3 hours of a ridiculous sit-n-go we're playing around with. We're still in beta, but here's a few hands--one where nath makes a great call on Psyduck and celebrates with a little air guitar, one where the 1988 American League MVP bluffs Adanthar and a LATB hand where Corporation Mike tries to outplay Barry Greenstein out of position and dusts off a grand or so in the process.

The nath "Air Guitar" hand
The hand in which Jose bluffs that nit Adanthar
Corporation Mike v Barry Greenstein

click to enlarge the image
Poker players are happy people, obv

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Bumboklaat says

Is that a bong in teh first pic? If so, mad props!


CBorders says

Beer bottle imo

Please to release the full video


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