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$500 multi-table Saturday tournament

We left the city early on Saturday morning and got up to Foxwoods at about 11am. Enough time to buy in for the $500 tournament and get a quick bite to eat. I get to my table a few minutes before the noon and am seated to the right of older woman in her late 60's. I recognized one younger Asian guy across the table, but the rest of the group was composed of guys in their late 20's to 40's.

On the first hand of the day I get JJ UTG and raise 3x BB. The older lady makes raises me the pot and everyone folds. I usually never fold JJ in this position, but assumed that this woman is pretty tight so assume the worst she has is AK, but she likely has AA or KK so I fold.

A few hands later there is an early raiser and two calls and I have 22 in LP so I call. The flop is 28Jr and the first raiser bets and I'm the only one who calls. The turn pairs the 8 and the guy makes another pot sized bet and I push. He calls and turns over AA and I double through when a non A comes on river.

Nothing much happens for the rest of the round, but i increase my stack a bit with some PF raises with air and no callers. Actually one time somebody did call, but folded to my continuation bet.

There were two hands that I was involved in where the older lady had to show down hands where she was aggressive with and both times she hand junk. Perhaps I made a bad call on the first hand when I assume she must have had the goods when raising my JJ.

During the second level I raise from the button with AK and the BB calls. The flop comes AK8 with two clubs. The BB checks and I bet about 2/3rds of the pot and the BB calls. The turn is blank and I now bet the pot and the BB calls again. Not sure what he has but I'm hoping a hand like AQ or even A8. I don't think he has a club draw, but he could have a set, but it doesn't look like it because he took a long time to call me on both streets and he really did seem to agonize over it. The river is a club and immediately throws in his remaining 300 chips. I have to call and do, and he turns over 86 of clubs. Oh, brother! I'm back to where I started but am pretty bummed out.

The rest of the round goes terrible. I get AQ twice, bet preflop, miss, make continuation bets both times and have to fold to raises. I flame out when I hit another set wtih 44 and my opponent hits a straight on the turn.

I had some luck in Sit & Gos and will try to write about a few hands later today or tomorrow.

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