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Stars Nightly $10 Rebuy & FTP Daily Double - 1/25/2008

Well I have not played much since the beginning of the month. Was in Vegas earlier this week for 3 days and will have a trip report coming soon.

FTP Daily Double A & B

Hour 1

In the Daily Double A: Picked up 7 7 in late position postion and called 100 bet with two others in the pot.

Flop was A 7 2

UTG bets pot of 525 and middle position player calls. I also call 525 and have another 1100 behind.

Turn Q

Both players move all and I call. UTG player has AK and middle position player has A5.

I chip up to 5800. Nothing going on in the B and sitting at 1600 when I pick up AK and end up losing when when I flop a K to a guy who hits a straight on the turn with QQ after we get it allin on the flop :(

2nd Hour - Daily Double A

Well not much to report but still in.

3rd Hour - Daily Double B

Just doubled up with 88 to get to 8K and average stack is 13K. There are 240 left and pays 216.

Just picked up A A in middle postion after an earlier raised aprox. 3x to 2200. I pushed allin for about 4200 more. He called with 6 7 and missed after hitting an open ended straight on the turn. Now up to about 15K and average is 18K with about 170 left.

Well....what a crappy night...just called a guys allin for about 10K with QQ vs his 77...he spiked a 7 on the turn and I have about 2K left...Just moved allin with QJo for 2700 and lost to AK...GG...

Well time to go watch some Friday night lights, but might play some SNGs later.

Stars $10 Rebuy

Just started......Rebuy to start with 4K and nothing in the first 5 miuntes. Table looks like it may be tight since only 2 other players opted for the double rebuy. Well was having internet issues, but finished hour 1 at about 7K...addon to get to 11K. Not going to go through much of the details, but ended up losing with AA to A7 (Was ugly!!!) about 20 minutes into the 2nd hour...bah!!!! Was only in for $31 so that was the good thing.

Stars Nightly $3 & $10 Rebuy - 1/1/2008

Well back to the rebuy tournaments for 2008. I have one trip report/room review typed up, but am waiting for one thing to complete it. It should be up in the next couple days from the $40 rebuy tourney I played last Thursday. I am thinking I will play it again this Thursday, but am not sure yet and depends on if I go up to Tulalip to play some live NL cash games. Due to feeling a little under the weather, I did not make it up to Tulalip last night for NYE. I am thinking that Thursday I may be able to get up there and get a room review done for them.

Update from Yesterday's Cake 1/2 NL Cash Session

So yesterday I played some NL cash on Cake Poker. It was such a brutal session losing $225 with 69s and a flopped nut straight on a 578 board to 46o when he hit running diamonds after we got all the chips in on the flop. That was the most brutal hand, but the rest was just up and down. I may have been playing a little more loose than normal which could have been part of the problem. It was just such an up and down day. Down $400 at one point then even. Down $200 and then up $100 and then down $100 again. I then finished down $125 after making it back to even it again.

Playing the $3 & $10 rebuy on stars tonight so look for updates below.

Stars $3 Rebuy

Hour 1

Worked my way up to about 8K during first hour, but then back down and finished at 5700. With the addon will start hour two at 7700. It was really an uneventful rebuy period as I didn't get much of anything going. More from hour two Hopefully.

Hour 2

About 30 minutes into Hour two I picked up A 5 and raise on the button to 600 at 100/200 blinds and am called by the SB.

Flop 10 8 2

I bet 1000 and am called.

Turn A

I bet 1800 and he folds.

The next hand I am at about 7200 and pick up A A in the cutoff. UTG min raises to 400 and I reraise to 1200 in the cutoff. He calls

Flop: Q 5 2

He check and I bet about 2/3s pot and he reraises allin. I called and double up to 14400.

End of 2nd Hour down to 12500. Nothing exciting happened after my double up except I was played back at by a large stack and had to fold on the flop.

Hour 3

Out....lost with QQ vs KJo.....I played the hand like a bonehead when the K came on the flop and I thought my QQ was good. I sometimes just play hands like a total retard....grrrrrrrrrr....I ended up being in for $18 so no biggie.

Stars $10 Rebuy

Hour 1

Nothing exciting yet. picked up A K but no action.

About 30 minutes into 1st Hour pick up A Q in middle position and call an allin from one player for about 3500 and push in my 3800. An UTG player also calls and I know I am in trouble. Up against J J and A K .

Flop: 5 3 4

Turn: 9


Up to 11.5K with 30 minutes left in the rebuy period.

I ended up finishing the rebuy period at 10.5K and will addon to get to 14.5K to begin hour two.

Hour 2

Chipped up to 27K with AK after hitting a K on the flop. Also won about 5K on a resteal from the BB when a late position raised 2.5x BB

Then dropped some chips with JJ.

Ended the rebuy period at 22K.

I must say I am not in to this tonight, because I am also busy playing mario vs sonic on the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. My Fiance and I have bet on who is going to do better. It is so adicting.

I am going to be focusing more this 3rd hour :)

Hour 3

Well I just picked up K K with 10BB in middle position and shoved. The SB called with less chips with A Q.

Flop: 4 8 J

Turn: 9

River: K

Up to 35.5K

I am so addicted to the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Picked up A K UTG+2 and raised to 5500 at 1/2K Blinds. Middle position played move allin 16K more. I called and he Showed A Q.

Flop: 2 2 3

Turn: 5 ..........Giving me nut flush and the win

River: J

Up to about 58K with $$$$$$$$ approaching quickly and 368 left.

Blinds just went through me and I move tables. Pick up AQo on the button and raise it up to pick up the blinds and antes and move up to 62K

Down to 33K after I had to lay down JJ to a board 2 4 6 and a check raise by a big stack. He was called by another player and had flopped a set so was a good laydown :(

Towards the end of the hour was very short stacked and got up to 46K where I sit at the end of hour 3 with 176 people left. Going to need some cards to accumulate some chips. I have Octavian_C on my right with a good stack at 213K and a player who doesn't seem too strong on my right with 166K. I am hoping to pick up some chips quickly in this 4th hour. Octavian was abusing me with my short stack for the last 15 minutes. Lets hope I can pick something up here quickly as the BB will be coming quickly at the start of the next hour.

Hour 4

Was veyr short stacked.....HAd about 20K and picked up AA UTG+1...BB called with 69o and hit two pair to knock me out.

Cash: $96.51
In for: $31

Profit of $64

Was out $18 in $3 rebuy so just a small profit of $46.

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