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Stars Nightly $10 Rebuy - 12/23/07

justinsampson Playing the Stars $10 Rebuy for the last time until after Christmas.....

1st Hour

About ten minutes in I pick up 10 10 in the BB. I call an allin for 4K from a guy in late position who has AK. Sb also called with KJ. AK hits an A on river and I double rebuy again. The table is somewhat loose so lets hope to pick up some chips. More to come with 35 minutes left in the rebuy period...

Picked up PP 10s & PP Qs but no action. Then with 10 mins left int he rebuy period I have moved up to about 5400. I pick up A A in the SB. A Guy UTG+1 goes allin for 2K with Q 10 . I push allin in the SB and the BB calls for 3850 with 7 8.

Board comes: 3 4 5 2 J

I move up to 11.5K with 10 minutes left in the reby period. Jumped up to 11.9K at end of rebuy period. Will addon to start at 15.9K for the second hour. There are some total retards to my left so hopefully I can take advantage of them trying to pull some insane bluff.

2nd Hour

Hour just ended and did not go so great. Started off good as I chipped up with 66 vs AK and was up to 22K early in the hour.

After that nothing went good. I picked up 99 and went with the standard raise in early position, but I was reraised and then another player in late position pushed over the reraiser. I folded and lost a few chips but was still sitting ok until I spewed off a few chips with AK and was reraised allin when I made a move for the blinds. End the 2nd hour with 13 BB at 13.2K. Hopefully can get a quick double in the beginning of the 3rd Hour

3rd Hour

Third hand in the 3rd Hour I pick up K K in BB. Folds to SB who raises to 8K @ 800/1600 blinds & 150 ante with 10 9. I shove in my 12.5K and double to 26K as the board comes: 7 4 Q 3 10

So about 20 hands later I am dealt K J in the BB (1000/2000 & 200 antes) with 22K left behind. UTG+3 limps for 2K and has 23K left behind and the SB completed with 16K behind.

What are your thoughts here? Do you push?

So It checks around on a 9 5 Q

Turn: 10

Golden card on turn gives me top straight. SB checks and I decide to check behind hoping the last player to act makes a move for the pot. He pushes in for 23K with J 8 and bottom straight. I call and am up to 50K.

River is meaningless: 2

I drop back down after losing with 33 to a players allin with QJ who hits a straight. I also spew off some chips with A 6 on the button trying to pick off the blinds, but the SB pushes me allin and I fold.

I get moved tables and get a walk in the BB. A few hands later I pick up K K. This is four before the money and a player UTG+2 goes allin having me covered. He has been trying to pick up chips around the bubble so I call putting him on a weaker hand. He flips over AKs and my KK holds up and puts me at 77K in chips.

I lose some chips to the blinds and then spew about 17K in chips after calling a players small allin to knock me down to about 50K.

I then end up doing nothing for a couple rounds and wake up to A10 with about 4 BB at 4000/8000 blinds & antes and push it in. It folds all the way to BB who calls with AJo and barely has me covered and I am out :(.

Finish 142nd for $101
I was in for $51 so a $50 profit.

I really want to FT this again, but I think I am just missing something. Maybe it will come around after Christmas.

I welcome all comments and maybe something will help me reach the FT again.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the next couple days with Family and Friends.



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