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Grand Waldo Weekly 31/1/08

Macau Casino
This was my 4th MTTs I played in Grand Waldo. Unlike the previous ones I revealed my online identity, which probably may not be good because the others could view me as a new live player since I am still not totally comfortable with live games yet. I still made the error of putting single chip intending to raise but forgot to announce raise. However I think I will become better. I still like playing live poker because I am seeing the real people and unlike playing online which I rarely chat because of multi-tabling. Also people seem to be more friendly than online, probably because we don't know the other players. And I feel less likely to get depressed when getting bad beats. I don't punch the table, wanting to break my notebook, etc.

In one hand I was limping 22 UTG and the player sitting 2nd seat on my left raised 2x and there were quite a few players who played that hand and I called. Flop comes like A 3 2 (I wasn't sure if A was on flop or turn). I found my memory isn't very good now which is the reason I can never play stud well....). I bet and the PF raiser called and everyone fold. On turn I bet 2k without many chips left. The player asked me "Why so big" and push me all in. I called immediately and he showed TT, wow. I thought he was donk but he later revealed himself as Jason Ho who is a Stoxpoker coach and he wasn't very serious when he shoved me.

I won some post-flop without showdown later, but then I kept losing all in preflop, albeit small each one of them. And finally I was going out. The final hand Celina Lin raised at early position and I looked down to see ATo in button and I shoved with around 3k chips at 200/400 and she showed AJ. I think this was a bad call. It might be a good call the player wasn't a pro and was raising loose but if it was raised from a pro at UTG at higher blinds my ATo is unlikely to be ahead. I don't know what I was thinking when I called that.

Anyway, I hope I can win in these tournaments soon.

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