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Friends roll again

SluggerWV Your humble author cashed for the first time in what seems like a decade yesterday, but the big story was the friends of the blog slicing through tourneys all across the internet last night/early this morning.

MATHCLUBNZ had a couple of final tables on Absolute Poker. The first was in the $9K Guaranteed SuperStack where he won $1080.00 for finishing 3rd out of 83. The second was in $6500 Guaranteed where beating out 260 other players for a 3rd place was worth $721.50.

Finally, playing under his screenname of jakehekejnr, MathClub made the final table in PokerStars Tournament 86176132. Once again he finished 3rd, this time out of 396, and won $1318.68.

iLLNuGWichee final tabled the PokerStars $109 NLHE [$25,000 guaranteed!] winning $7815.00 for finishing 2nd out of 521.

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