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Broke the cashless string

After a frustrating few days, I limped into the money in a $5.50 NLHE MTT on FullTiltPoker. I was actually pleased with my play tonight as I was much more aggressive in the hands I played. I did have a disconnect problem that cost me several rounds of blinds and antes. I got my money in w AQ v 66 with slightly less than ten bbs after the 66 limped in. He hit a 6 on the flop and I was toast.

Good luck everyone.

Have a great evening

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Friends of Slugger still rolling on.

Major runs through the tournaments again for Wretchy, Illnugwichee and Agriffrod last night.

Wretchy final tabled the Wretchy Open Rebuy, aka the PokerStars $22+R NL Hold'em, on 03-11-2008. He finished in 6th place (out of 369) scoring $1367.10. To avoid being redundant, I may have to only post about his results in this tourney when he wins it.

Great job Again Sir

ILLNuGWichee took home $2070.00 from PokerStars for winning a $100+9 90 player sng.

Agriffrod won the PokerStars $109 NLHE [$25,000 guaranteed] on 03-11-2008. Griff won $12126.00 for beating out 563 opponents. Very impressive Griff!

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Friends of SluggerWV roll!

It's good to be a friend of SluggerWV apparently. My online friends are making daily runs deep in tourneys which more often than not find them at the final table it seems. I take no credit for that by the way.

Congrats to Mathclub for taking down the $20+2 tourney on PartyPoker last night my time (he's in new zealand so i guess it was today his time). He scored a nice $1200 for the win, made a final table at AbsolutePoker where he finished 4th of 673, and also made the final table at Bodog where he took down 3rd place because AK<AJ and A8<A3 obv. Great job Mathclub; very Well done.

Also major Congrats to Wretchy for his work in the $22rebuy on PokerStars yesterday. Wretchy finished 2nd of 387 and won $5300+./ Another great run for the Wretched one. He's on fire and about to make major waves in the online Poker world. Very good job Wretchy.

Good luck at the tables everyone.

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Happy Birthday to TheWacoKidd and congrats on a great Bodog Poker Open

Happy Birthday to a great player and even better dude Jared "TheWacoKidd" Hamby. I hope it is a great day for Waco and I imagine that there will be at least one social event with hot women present today. It certainly was a good evening last night for Waco as he made the final table at the Bodog Poker Open main event and took down 3rd place. While it was not the least bit surprising, it was impressive nonetheless. Well done sir.

Congrats to Sicktight311 for making the final table of the $11 0300 tourney on PokerStars this morning. It was a great effort for Sick to overcome not only the opponents on the felt, but a terrible disconnect problem with Stars. Very good job sir. To read more about his adventures, please visit his blog here: Also remember to visit his band's site here:

Finally, Congrats to Agriffrod for winning the $22rebuy on PokerStars yesterday to the tune of $6425. Awesome job sir. You ca read his blog at

Good luck at the tables everyone. Let's be careful out there.
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Congrats to Wretchy

Congrats to Dan "Wretchy" Martin for making the final table of the $100+9rebuy on FullTiltPoker last night after having taken down second place in the $320 tourney on PokerStars earlier in the day for $15,550.
Starting the final table 8th of 9 players, Wretchy worked his way into the chiplead until his AQ lost to JJ and was eliminated in 5th place when his AT ran into AJ. Great job and a nice little cash of about $5,400.

Wretchy has already had a great 2008. He took down the Sunday $25k guaranteed on PokerStars on March 2, the $30r on on February 26, and the $20rebuy on FullTiltPoker on February 15.

He's a great player who can truly dominate a tourney, a great guy and a true friend.
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