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Cashing Out

I started playing poker after the initial introduction of UIGEA. My friend transferred me $50 on Stars. I ran it up to $70 playing cash and then went bust playing the $3 single-table tourneys. He transferred me another $50 and I ran that up to $1700 starting at $1+.10 45-man tourneys, then the $3.25, then the $6.5. I then went on such a bad run that I (a non-superstitious or conspiracy theory person) absolutely SWORE that there was some funny business going on and cashed out at just over a grand to "punish" the site.

I then discovered that my FPP's can be used in such a way that they aren't wasted on merchandise. I aggressively pursued the Sunday 1/4 Million satellites and unregistered from every won entry. I used the T$ for entry into more $1.1's to rebuild my roll. I went up to $300, and switched over to the $3.25's. I made it to about $700 or so and decided I was giving up too much equity playing turbos. I attacked the $4.40 180-man tourneys and managed to make more than $1k profit in 100 of these.

In the process, I made the top 1% of online tourney poker players for the last four months which seemed cool until I realized I hadn't cracked the top 8000!

Yesterday, I played my last tourneys for a while (five $4.40's and a just over min-cash result on the 1/4 Million). I'd been reading the Poker Legislation forum on 2+2 and no one seems sure as to what will happen come December 1st with the latest UIGEA rule going into effect.. Rather than take my chances, I cashed out nearly $2500 and left some FPP's and a tiny amount with which to again, rebuild my roll.

Chances are, nothing will change all that much, but why risk it? My next challenge is to not get rusty by playing live more often.

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