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For the sake of sanity

Wow I'm bad at keeping a blog. Third time lucky to get the ball really rolling? Ok lets go.

As Ive said in earlier blogs, I am a low limit MTT player. As anyone who grinds MTT's knows this can test the realms of ones patience and sanity. Variance is an unholy mistress and can literally make one end up hating MTT's . However the fact that as a purely tournament player, when I sat down to play poker I had no choice to but to set 5 hours absolute minimum aside was really making me fed up of constantly playing tournaments. School work, training, sport and a social life don't exactly fit well in between daily tournament schedules. It was time to give cash another shot.

Previous forays into cash poker had been short lived and unsuccessful. I was, I believe, a much too aggressive player and played full ring which didn't suit me at all. With a bankroll of approximately 800 dollars I decide 2 weeks ago to give six max 25NL a shot. (Ok I'm overolled, but Im both a bankroll nit and underolled for 50nl).

1)Holy crap I forgot how much fun six max is.
2) Holy crap, I thought 4/180 players sucked
3) Being able to leave my house and laptop whenever someone calls me with something cool going down is a great relief.

So far over the last 2 weeks I'm up 10 buy ins over about 5000 hands (4 tabling) and I'm enjoying poker again so much it should be illegal. I'm going to start reading SSNL by skalnsky, miller and malmuth and hopefully boost my bankroll up to 1500 and move up to 50nl.

I'm not completely abandoning tournaments. I'll still play the guarantees, and the better tournaments as my bankroll goes up. However I'm going to play a hell of a lot less. Cash>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tons of 4/180s etc.

Updates soon as long as I can actually learn how to properly blog and such.


EdmondDantes says

Welcome back!


Anonymous says

It feels great to run good!


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