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Uh, omnomnomnom

I don't really remember my previous post here. Its been months. I do think it was sometime when I ran semi-deep in the UB $200k and made $1100 and thought I was the shit. Continuing since then...

I moved my roll (I think like 6k ish) to Full Tilt. I got scammed for $200 in the process = tilt. So I used trusted 2+2er pmarrsouth and he took care of things for me.

I started playing NL100 on tilt and dabbling in tournaments. Things started well but ultimately I was losing money. I dropped, dropped, and dropped, as low as $3k at one point I believe. I stopped playing cash games and decided to focus solely on tournaments. I've been running pretty hot in the past week or so.

Last Sunday I took 3rd in MSOP Event #15 for the largest cash of my life, $4.5k. I outlasted over 5200 entrants and played for 8 fatiguing hours but it was completely worth it.

Yesterday started off poorly with me whiffing my first 7 tournaments or so. I played I think every Guarantee with buy-ins ranging from $24 to $69. I decided to play some later events while watching the NBA Finals on TV, including the 28k, the Daily Doubles, and the Fifty-Fifty.

I was running super deep in all 3 and there came a point in the night when I knew that it was gonna be a big night. Of all events, I had to hit one of them hard.

And I hit 'em hard.

I flamed out of the 28k in 20th place for a lame $100. At this point we were on the Final Table bubble of the Daily Double A and deep ITM of the Fifty-Fifty. I ended up winning both of those events, the Daily Double for about 1.9k and the Fifty-Fifty for around 10k.

I don't really have much time for playing because of summer work, but I do try to play free evenings when I'm not out with friends or whatever. Its been a good past few weeks. For now, I plan on playing between the $24s and the $150s pretty regularly.

Guess thats it.

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