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February Results and March Goals

February is in the books and what a month it was. To review, I deposited $50 on UltimateBet and set a goal of hitting a $500 roll by the end of the month. I 5-tabled NL10 and NL25 for a few days, before switching over to tournaments.

PokerDB seems to be a tad bit incomplete, but things started going well for me on the 7th when I finished 2nd in the $1 Rebuy $1000 Guaranteed for $180. That Saturday, I took 3rd in the $20 $10000 Guaranteed for $1050, my largest win ever as well as most profitable weekend. The latter didn't last long however, as the following weekend I finished 3rd in the $11 Bounty $4500 Guaranteed, 3rd in the 3rd in the $3 Rebuy $2500 Guaranteed, 4th in the $5 Rebuy $1500 Guaranteed and 2nd in the $25 $6000 Guaranteed.

I cooled off towards the end of the month, still making it deep and Final Tabling a handful of events, but not winning anything huge in my opinion. I grew really frustrated with making it deep and flaming out at the end, as well as never being able to take a tournament down. The entire month of February, I didn't win one event.

Ultimately however, I am mostly happy with my February. I shattered my goal of $500 and as of a week ago I had a 133% ROI for the month.

For March, I have the following goals.

- Play 0 hands of cash games. The idea of a quick buck is appetizing, but I need to realize that its rare to be both a great MTT player as well as cash game player.

- Win a tournament. My HU game is obviously in dire need of help. I don't know what it is. The pay difference between 2nd and 1st is sick, so I need to get better.

- Play HU SNGs to improve my HU game.

- Have another 4-digit score.

Also, I've expanded onto Full Tilt already and soon Poker Stars. The MTTs are sick there, wow.

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