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Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, been sort of lazy about it I guess. Nothing much has been happening since my last entry. I've been grinding live 2-5 NL for awhile and its going pretty well, but have not cashed in any MTT for some time now. Hopefully I'll get a big score in a MTT soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Otherwise just got back from Las Vegas for a five day trip, but nothing eventful happened out there. The games were horrible, probably b/c everyone is at Foxwoods now. Only reason I went was b/c my buddy got a room comped at MGM Grand so hotel + flight cost me only $200. It was nice to be around warm weather as it is starting become bitter here in AC and did see the Cirque Du Soleil show "O" at Bellagio which was much better than Cirque Du Soleil KA at MGM (saw that over the summer during the roadtrip). The point of this entry is that I am going to discuss 3 areas of my life that I am going to focus on. I feel if I write this, I'll have to stick to my lofty ambitions:)


This is the obvious one as it is how I am make a living. I think many poker players out there learn a lot when they first start playing. Poker is such a complex game that there is so much information to absorb at the beginning, that the learning curve is steep. As you become a competent player, the learning curve for poker starts to plateau. These players can beat low/middle limit games, but day in and day out there not really learning much about the game. I feel this is where I am at in my poker learning curve. This is the point where to become a great/elite player, one must push themselves towards excellence and this is where the real learning begins. In an attempt to reach a new level in my poker game, I am going to explore various learning tools. I recently joined Cardrunners to be able to get into the minds of the best online players out there. From the handful videos I've watched already, the MTT videos are OK, but the 6 max cash game videos are ridiculous. Some of these guys are just thinking on another level in cash games. I have also started to read the vast amount of poker literature out there. The books on poker now are abundant and cover many areas of the games besides the fundamentals ie. psychology, tells, bankroll management etc. I am really going try to beef up my online play as I see opportunities in this area. I think online MTT have great value and am plan on playing MTT, SNGs, and 6 max NL cash to build my online bankroll. I will also need to familarize myself with all the software out there like Pokertracker and the many others that are available. The only learning tool I lack right now is another strong poker player to discuss strategy with. As I move up in games, I am confident I will find a so called "poker buddy". Poker wlil be consuming much of my life, but to be the best you must put in the work and effort.

Health Kick

One of the detriments in playing poker all the time is the health consequences. Most poker players get very little exercise and they are constantly eating out. From my personal experience, when I play a lot of poker I lose my appettite, b/c I am not expending any energy while playing. I refuse to be another out of shape poker pro which I see all the time. I have been going to the gym about 3 times/week. I plan on start taking yoga classes in the near future. I am trying to put together a healthy diet too. My good friend is going to school to become a hollistic doctor, so he is sending me recipes on vegetable smoothies that I can blend together. I am going to eat more grains and fruits for snacks and limit my meat consumption. Most Americans have meat in every meal that is just not neccessary. I will have to learn how to cook to prepare the foods that I want to consume into my body. The only setback I see here is that I really have no appettite for eating while playing so I will have to figure a way to increase through other means. From a spiritual standpoint, my father is a Buddhist and I want to explore more about Buddhism and meditation.


This is probably the most surprising/interesting area I want to focus on. I feel that many people out there who will find it hard to admit that they have trouble with the opposite sex. I am going to admit that I have never been a ladies man. The only way to correct this problem is to work on it. I need to start practicing approaching strange women on the street and start talking to them. At first, I will probably look/say stupid things in my interactions, but I'll learn from my mistakes and try to make them better. Its something thats not going to happen overnight, but with time and effort, I feel I can become good at this. I firmly believe that women do not look for money, looks, or social status in men. All these things can help men attract women, but ultimately women are attracted to a man's personality. What this means is that any man despite has age/looks has a chance of obtaining any woman. I really want to get into the whole PUA lifestyle (google PUA if you don't know what it means).

I have set the bar pretty high for myself and I am OK with this. To me life is no fun if there are not challenges to overcome. There are many other things I want to learn/accomplish but the mentioned subjects will be my main focus in the near future. If I am able to follow through on the things I said I would do, I feel I will come out as happier and more fulfilled human being.

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