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Borgata WPT recap

Well, I just wrapped up a grueling 2 weeks at the Borgata. I was playing everyday averaging over 10 hour sessions. Unfortunately, it was not a profitable WPT as I'm stuck a few grand for the duration of the event. Here is a recap of the WPT:


I played a total of 22 SNGs (mostly $500, a few $250, and one 1K for a seat to the ME). There was always at least a couple guys in each SNG who I considered dead money, but ran badly at the end of these SNGs to show a 2k loss for them overall. The payout structure for the $500 SNG was 3500-1000-500. With the structure skewed heavily towards first place, most SNGs were chopped. The big mistake regarding the SNGs were the deals I was making. People were always talking chop when down to 3-4 players, and too many times I caved in on bad deals for myself. I felt that I should of demanded more in the deals as I was always the most aggressive in the end game and I could capitalize on the fears of the other players. This is a lesson that I have learned and will be better prepared in the future to deal with chopping issues.

Cash Games

I put in 32 total hours for a profit of 2K. I was playing 5-10NL the entire time and the Borgata poker room was averaging 5-8 tables at 5-10NL during the WPT. The problem is that I could never get into a rhythm in the cash games as I focused much of my efforts on the live SNGs. I regret this decision as I did not fare well in the SNGs and the games were decent the entire WPT especially the weekend before the 10K event started.


I played 7 tournaments with buy-ins of $500 or $750 and did not cash in a single one. I know this could just be due to tournament variance, but I would always play decent in these tourneys and then make a crucial mistake to cripple myself. It is so difficult to make it to the end of these huge fields that every decision is heavily emphasized as your tournament life depends on your every move. The play in these live tourneys were incredibly weak and I still see great value in them for the future.

Random stuff

This was the first time that I had the opportunity to play with TV pros and overall I was not very impressed. I am not going to criticize anyone in particular (it's not my style), but I've read online about how live pros are weak and my limited experience with them only confirms these findings.

This is a hand that I want to mention for pure amusement. My roommate and and an acquaintance I know name Charles happen to be playing in the same $250 SNG. They know each other through me and it seemed like a good idea to stay out of each other's way in the early part of the SNG. I have to mention thay Charles is a complete novice to poker when the following situation came up. The blinds were 100-200 w/ 25 ante when Charles limped UTG and my roomate pushed AI for 1500 in the SB w/ Q3off. The BB called and then Charles called. As Charles calls, he looks over at my roomate, gives him a smile and a thumbs up:) This was the last thing my roomate wanted as he wanted the pot to go HU to give him the greatest chance to win a showdown. The flop comes QJ2 and it goes check-check. The turn is an 8 and Charles moves AI. The BB folds and then Charles tries to muck his cards, b/c he doesn't want to knock my roomate out of the SNG. The dealer will not allow it and the players are confused about Charles' action. Charles finally tables T9 for the NUTS and it really looks like collusion. My roomate bails out Charles by explaining to the table that Charles is new to poker and he did not want to knock out his buddy out of the SNG. It is one thing to stay out of pots w/ a friend at the poker table, but this was absolutely ridiculous.

As for everything else, I love my new place and look forward to playing tons of poker. I just joined Cardrunners to improve my online game to compensate when the games in AC are slow. The only concern I have right now is that I may have a difficult time meeting people as all my time is spent in a casino. I feel most people make up their social circle through school or the workplace. Since I don't have either in my life, I will have to make more of an effort to make friends down here. For some reason, I'm not eagerly trying to hang out with all the middle-aged men that I compete against everyday at Borgata.

A long time coming...

I know its been forever since you heard from me, but I’ve been busy making the move to Atlantic City. I now live in a completely furnished apt. in a beach town called Ventnor and am one block away from the border of AC. I feel great that I finally moved as I started to think about doing this for about a year now. I still remember when my current roommate and I would drive to card clubs in the Philly area. During the drive, we would talk about how great it would be if we moved to AC and now it is a reality!! I will post pics of my new place when I can as my digital camera was sent back to the manufacturer for repairs.

As for poker, I was on a downswing ever since being in Las Vegas for the roadtrip, but that all changed the weekend before Labor Day. I chopped the weekly Borgata $280 for 19K that weekend. I have only played this tourney 7 times ever and have chopped for first twice now in a tourney that averages over 400 players. I’ve had a sick run in this tourney thus far. I ran super hot in this tourney though as I got it AI PF twice against QQ w/ 2 undercards and won both times. Once I had the big stack, I used my chips as a battering ram opening many pots PF. On the bubble, I took down 14 of 20 pots uncontested. With 27 players left, I had one-sixth of the chips in play. I was really happy with my end game and felt satisfied that I closed out the deal once again. There are very few opportunities when you get to the end of large field tourneys and you have to make the most of these chances when you get them.

Right now I have been playing at Borgata everyday as the WPT is in town. I am loving the action, but have no time to get settled into my new place. I have been grinding $250 and $500 SNGs and played in three NL WPT preliminary events thus far. At the end of the WPT, I will let you guys know how I made out for the duration of the events. In the first tourney of the WPT which was a $500 NLHE event, I started to chat with this kid across from me. He tells me that he’d been grinding MTT for a couple years now, but just had a big score in the Poker Stars Million. I asked him if he was familiar with the tworags website and he responded yes and then I realized I was playing mlagoo!! This just shows how small the poker community is. Anyways mlagoo got knocked out on one of the worst tournament plays I’ve ever seen. The blinds were 75-150 and mlagoo was in the BB with about 3000 in chips. There were 4 limpers and went it came to mlagoo he popped it up to 750 to go. One of the limpers in MP was short stacked so he called AI to mlagoo’s raise and then the SB also called the PF raise. The flop came T52 rainbow, SB checked, and mlagoo went AI for about 2K. The SB instant called with T5o and mlagoo was felted. After the hand, the SB mentioned how he thought mlagoo was stealing from the BB and that’s why he called even though the pot was contested. This play just shows how soft live MTT are!! I feel for you mlagoo and sorry if I took away your thunder for your next blog.

I’m heading out to get some rest for the remainder of the WPT events, but I will make a big effort to keep you guys updated as often as possible!

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