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The journey begins....

foxypham 5/30/07
Location: Mobile, AL

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog! I am in a unique position of having the freedom to travel the country for the next 5 weeks spanning over 7000 miles to explore this great land and play poker of course. I have been playing poker as my sole income for the past 6 months. My friend Matthias just graduated with his Masters from University of South Alabama. His poker experience is limited to $5 buy-in home games and I will guide him to becoming a winning casino poker player. I am just fresh off of a weekly tournament win at the Borgata in AC and usually play 2-5 NL cash games. I plan to stopping at 10 to 15 casinos during our trip to negate the expenses through poker. This will all culminate when we head to Las Vegas and the WSOP!

Frankly, I am quite nervous about this trip. I expect to encounter the unexpected and I plan on rising to the challenges that await me. We are driving Matthias' 88' Subaru station wagon with 150K miles on it. We are praying the car holds up for the duration of the trip. To keep the trip low budget, we are primarily camping and occasionally crashing at friend's places. I have ZERO camping experience so this should be an adventure for me. Luckily, Matthias was an eagle scout for 10 years and will be able to show me the ropes. My life has been all poker the last year and I've taken this journey to step beyond my horizons to hopefully new and greater things. I hope everyone enjoys my adventures!



lakeoffire says

Nice! Enjoy the trip. Remember, don't sleep under trees when it's raining and moss doesn't always grow on the north side of the tree. Those are my camping tips. Have a great trip.


lakong says

Sounds like a great trip. I really look forward to following it here. I'm in Los Angeles, so if you get out here -- and you definitely need to if you want to visit some of the best rooms in the world -- let me know and we'll get together and try to play some. I'll be in Vegas from about the 18th through 28th and will play in 3-4 events so let's keep in touch!



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