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I was in a tourney on PokerStars today and had a fairly funny hand occur at my table. I was in 2nd position after the BB and was dealt AA. Blinds are 15/30. I raise to 120. The person right after me raises to 360. Everybody folds around the table until the SB who pushes all in. I raise my stack all in and the person after me calls. We flip the cards, SB has AA also and the person after me has QQ. I have the A of diamonds. Flop comes Q 3 7 all diamonds. I start to fear for the worst. Turn comes 9 of spades. I get ready for my stack to be crippled. River comes 5 of diamonds. I put out both players on one of the craziest hands I've seen!


Anonymous says

Don't you love those. Nice!


tateissy says

Nice, nice. Imagine how the other two guys feel? I'm sure their blog posts are much different!!!!!


Inscore77 says

Probably have the same title though lol


harlem says

Bet the guy who went all in regrets. Diamonds saved the day, Great river card you received. Three diamonds on a flop is a gift, excellent!!!


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