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Interested Hold-em hand gets analyzed from both players

I was reading a very interesting thread over at 2plus at:

The poster had played a $5/10 limit game online and discovered that another player at his table -- MikeySong -- had been recording a coaching video of the action for stoxpoker.

It's a limit game, but even if you play NL I suggest that you read through the thread. It's very interesting to hear what the poster has to say about his thought process in several hands against Mikey and then read what Mikey had to say about the poster in the video. What's really cool is that Mikey joins in the thread and discusses his reads and actions.

Let me know if your thoughts on the thread. I think you can learn a lot about how your actions influence other players' opinion of you by reading through the thread. One interested thing is a little comment that the poster made in the chat box after a hand and what that meant to Mikey.


Good session at $2/5 NL game at Hustler

Visited the Hustler on Thursday night for a little $2/5 NL. I'm not crazy about their structure because they have a $300 max buyin ($100 min). I believe this attracts very tight players and many short-stacks. In fact, for the 4-5 hours I played I don't believe there were ever more than 50% of the players with max or better stacks. There were always 3-4 people with no more than $100 and often only $25-50. This makes it tough to get the correct implied odds to make plays with small suited connectors and even small to medium pairs.

I buy in for the max of $300. Things started off well. On the second hand I'm delt JJ. I raise to $15, get one caller from the blinds and flop top set. The small blind bets $25 and I decide to just call with the intention of raising on the turn. My decision is made for me when the blind pushes his remaining $150 on the turn when a blank hits. I call and take the pot. He had flopped bottom set. Good start.

For the next hour or two my stack goes back and forth between $200 and $400. I was rivered about 4 times when I had the winning hand. One time I flopped the nut straight and bet it strong all the way through only to have my opponent hit the 4th straight card on the river to tie me (he had TP with flush draw, it could have been worse). Another time I flopped a low flush, bet the pot, was called and the 4th flush card came on the turn and I had to give it up.

After the second hour or so I won a few key hands – KK vs. TT, nut straight on turn vs. set, etc., etc., and managed to get my stack up to $900. My table was playing very tight post flop, but preflop it was very, very limpy. The vast majority of pots (if I didn’t lead out!) were limped. I did join in some times, but I almost always raised if I was going to come in. In fact, 70-80% of the time from the CO or button I would raise blind and take down the pot with a continuation bet (also blind) on the flop if it was checked to me. I also cold called raises a few times when I had position with any two cards and would raise when checked to me to take down several pots. Of course, I would mix in some checks and folds so it wasn’t too obvious.

Towards the end of the night I did lose about $400 of my profit with two key hands.

Hand 1: I’m in the BB and the SB calls, I raise with Q9. He calls and we see a flop of 48Q. He checks, I bet about 2/3rds of the pot. The turn pairs the four, he checks, I bet 2/3rds of the pot again and he pushes another $90. I felt I had to call – there was a flush draw, plus I felt that he felt that I was being aggressive and could have been making a move. He had K4!

Hand 2: My last hand. A weak player 2 to my right raises and I call, again with Q9. Flop comes 669 high. He bets $20 into a $35 pot and I call. Turn is a 2, he bets $35 which seemed really weak to me so I raise another $100 trying to represent the 6 or a big pair. He took quite a bit of time, but called. River was a 3 (no flush or straight). I felt I was beat for sure given his call on the turn so I either give it up or continue to represent a strong hand. I decide to bet $150. He takes a lot of time. During his deliberations he says something like ‘could you have been slowplaying a big hand?’. I’m thinking to myself ‘Slowplaying?’. How much more strength could I have shown? I call his bet preflop, call on the flop, raise on the turn and make a large bet on the river. Anyway, I knew at this point that he wasn’t really capable of understanding what I was trying to convey and that he would call. I put him on TT-QQ or maybe A9. Sure enough he calls and turns over QQ.

Oh, well! I did leave with $450 so it wasn’t terrible.

Nice session last night

I've been having a good week. Here's two hands that really helped me out. Notes following each hand:

Poker Stars
No Limit Holdem Ring game
Blinds: $3/$6
9 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: $576
UTG+1: $891.20
MP1: $861.10
Hero: $440.85
MP3: $600
CO: $303.45
Button: $105
SB: $948.75
BB: $556.85

Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is MP2 with 8 8
UTG folds, UTG+1 calls $6 (pot was $9), MP1 folds, Hero raises to $18, 2 folds, Button calls $18 (pot was $33), 2 folds, UTG+1 calls $12 (pot was $51).

Flop: 5 T 8 ($63, 3 players)
UTG+1 checks, Hero checks, Button checks.

Turn: 7 ($63, 3 players)
UTG+1 bets $24, Hero raises to $54, Button folds, UTG+1 raises to $126, Hero calls $72 (pot was $243).

River: 5 ($315, 2 players)
UTG+1 bets $306, Hero calls all-in $296.85.
Uncalled bets: $9.15 returned to UTG+1.

Final pot: $908.7
UTG+1 showed 2d 2s
Hero showed 8h 8c

not sure why this guy paid me off. I guess I had a terrible rep with him. Gotta love it!

Poker Stars
No Limit Holdem Ring game
Blinds: $2/$4
6 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: $556
UTG+1: $900.85
CO: $580
Button: $361.60
Hero: $209.90
BB: $261.30

Pre-flop: (6 players) Hero is SB with Q J
2 folds, CO raises to $16, Button folds, Hero calls $14 (pot was $22), BB folds.

Flop: 4 9 T ($36, 2 players)
Hero checks, CO bets $24, Hero calls $24 (pot was $60).

Turn: Q ($84, 2 players)
Hero checks, CO bets $48, Hero raises all-in $169.9, CO calls $121.9 (pot was $301.9).

River: 5 ($423.8, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: $423.8)

Final pot: $423.8
Hero showed Qc Jc
CO mucks Jh Tc

got a little lucky here. Wasn't sure I had the best hand, but felt I could move him off his hand, something like KQ, and I had my draw to fall back on.

Chargers Rock -- Can you believe that game?

My Chargers got themselves into quite a hole. They were down 28-7 at halftime. Did any of you see the game? They actually won 49-41. Can you f**&^'in believe that? When was the last time you saw a team give up 41 points and win. It was just crazy. And my man Philip Rivers really showed me something. He never gave up. It's heard to believe that this is his first year as a starter. He looks incredibly poised back there. On the last drive he scrambled out of the pocket and threw a shovel pass for a touchdown. Wow!!!!!!!!

LT continues to dominate and run for touchdowns. He added 4 more on Sunday. I think that makes 15 in the last 5 games. Amazing. Their defense looked pretty weak, but Cincinnati does have incredible firepower. If you would have told them that they would score 41 points and lose, they would have thought you were crazy. Hell, I would have thought you were crazy.

Go Chargers!!!!

ON THE POKER front, I didn't play much this week, but me and the boys had a little dealer's choice home game on Saturday night. Joe brought his friend from NY. Nice guy, but he was a maniac. He's an investment banker and has a lot of money and isn't afraid to put it at risk. It was common for him to play blind until the river. Even on the river he would often bet without looking as his cards and it worked great for a while. He would keep on putting us all in without looking. Now if you have a hand, sure you would call, but when you're facing a $400 all-in bet with middle pair, it's not as easy as it sounds. One time, Mike called him down with TPTK and the guy had flopped a set. Mike was sure that he looked at his cards, but I was watching I didn't think he did.

I caught him towards the end of the night. This time I flopped a set and did my best to make it look like I had nothing but had enough with his all-ins. It worked. He went all-in with nada after I made a potsized raise on the flop and I quickly called. He had nothing, but then turn brought a 3rd heart I was a bit freaked out since he had a heart and I didn't. The river brought a 4th heart and he started hooting and yelling but I realized that the board also paired and I now had a full house! Good fun indeed.

A few hands on Stars that bother me

I have posted a few hands that I played the last week that really bother me. I'll comment after each hand. Please leave any comments if you have some suggestions!

Poker Stars
No Limit Holdem Ring game
Blinds: $3/$6
7 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: $228
Hero: $293.25
MP1: $293.20
CO: $597
Button: $524.55
SB: $594
BB: $285.70

Pre-flop: (7 players) Hero is UTG+1 with A J
UTG calls $6 (pot was $9), Hero raises to $18, 2 folds, Button calls $18 (pot was $33), SB folds, BB calls $12 (pot was $51), UTG calls $12 (pot was $63).

Flop: A K 9 ($75, 4 players)
BB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets $36, Button folds, BB raises to $72, UTG folds, Hero calls $36 (pot was $183).

Turn: 5 ($219, 2 players)
BB bets $76, Hero calls $76 (pot was $295).

River: K ($371, 2 players)
BB bets $36, Hero raises all-in $127.25, BB calls all-in $83.7.
Uncalled bets: $7.55 returned to Hero.

Final pot: $610.4
Hero showed As Jd
BB showed Th Ks
On this hand i was a bit loose but this guy was crazy aggressive and he was making moves on me all session. I really thought I had him up until the river.

Poker Stars
No Limit Holdem Ring game
Blinds: $3/$6
6 players

Stack sizes:
Hero: $612.25
UTG+1: $279
CO: $167.65
Button: $234.55
SB: $228.30
BB: $179.35

Pre-flop: (6 players) Hero is UTG with 3 3
Hero calls $6 (pot was $9), UTG+1 folds, CO calls $6 (pot was $15), Button folds, SB calls $3 (pot was $21), BB checks.

Flop: 6 J 3 ($24, 4 players)
SB checks, BB bets $18, Hero calls $18 (pot was $42), CO raises to $36, 2 folds, Hero raises all-in $606.25, CO calls all-in $125.65.
Uncalled bets: $444.6 returned to Hero.

Turn: 5 ($221.65, 0 player + 2 all-in - Main pot: $365.3)

River: Q ($221.65, 0 player + 2 all-in - Main pot: $365.3)

Final pot: $221.65
Hero showed 3c 3s
CO showed Jh Js

probably don't push if he wasn't short stacked, but then again I probably just lose more on my set over set. What bothers me here is that I was setting this dunk up for the kill and then I get cold decked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poker Stars
No Limit Holdem Ring game
Blinds: $3/$6
9 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: $635.40
UTG+1: $99
MP1: $1494.85
MP2: $884.70
MP3: $3330.10
CO: $181.40
Hero: $282.90
SB: $672
BB: $1815.35

Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is Button with K A
UTG calls $6 (pot was $9), 5 folds, Hero raises to $18, 2 folds, UTG calls $12 (pot was $33).

Flop: 6 A 4 ($45, 2 players)
UTG checks, Hero bets $24, UTG calls $24 (pot was $69).

Turn: 8 ($93, 2 players)
UTG checks, Hero bets $54, UTG raises to $108, Hero calls $54 (pot was $255).

River: 9 ($309, 2 players)
UTG bets $108, Hero calls $108 (pot was $417).

Final pot: $525
UTG showed 5s 7d

this is the worst of the group. This guy is a suck-out artist and he keeps on getting me with crappy hands like this. Not sure how i kept from breaking my monitor when I saw his hand.

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