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Interested Hold-em hand gets analyzed from both players

I was reading a very interesting thread over at 2plus at:

The poster had played a $5/10 limit game online and discovered that another player at his table -- MikeySong -- had been recording a coaching video of the action for stoxpoker.

It's a limit game, but even if you play NL I suggest that you read through the thread. It's very interesting to hear what the poster has to say about his thought process in several hands against Mikey and then read what Mikey had to say about the poster in the video. What's really cool is that Mikey joins in the thread and discusses his reads and actions.

Let me know if your thoughts on the thread. I think you can learn a lot about how your actions influence other players' opinion of you by reading through the thread. One interested thing is a little comment that the poster made in the chat box after a hand and what that meant to Mikey.


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