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EdmondDantes says

Couple of things. First, nice session. While you were stacking chips, I ended up at the nittiest Cake table of all time. Second, good luck today. Looking forward to the Tulalip review. Finally, the Weehawks? Are you kidding me? Some things you might just want to keep to yourself...


shaundeeb says

try not to post 4 blogs a day it makes people like my once a week thing look bad.

I love the nightly 10r as well it's my favorite tourney to play having 2 deep runs this week is always fun.

As for your cashgame hands I have played a bit on cake myself in the summer and raise that 8s over a limper for value they limpcall soo much build pots in position and valuebet their asses.


harlem says

Enjoyed all the post(s), keep em coming.


lakeoffire says

Good session and nice post.


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MMMMMM...........Cake Poker 1/2 NL Cash Games

justinsampson So after playing the $10 Rebuy on Stars I decided to play some Cake Poker 1/2 NL. I usually play 3 or 4 tables, but I was sticking to just 2 at the time as I was also playing a $12 180 man Turbo on Stars. I went out of that early and then stuck to just two 1/2 NL tables on cake. I would love to hear strategy on these 180 man Turbos if anyone would like to comment or send me a message....Shaun Deeb???? :)

So as I was playing, I was also having some small Discussion with Edmond Dantes from Since I have just joined tworags, I don't really know anyone personally. I do know many of the players and of course know Adanthar as I was glued to the AP coverage on 2+2. So I was talking back and forth with EdmondDantes and hearing about the site, poker in general, and just getting to know him. I must say he is a great guy and we had a good discussion over the couple hours I was playing. I look forward to posting more on tworags and I will also be working on updating some of the Live Washington Poker Reviews. Watch for those in the future. I will be starting with Tulalip review in the coming week so look for that soon. I had planned on maybe going up today to play some Live NL, but I just woke up (11am) after putting in the Cake Poker NL session last night. Well enough of that and lets talk about the session.

So I was playing two tables as I mentioned above, but I really ended up even on one of the tables and it broke about early through my session. There really were no big hands on that table and I think maybe I finished up a few bucks.

The other tables was Golden though. There were a few regualrs on the table (.Palex., Crexis aka Red1ine, and I think there was one other). I bought in for the normal $200 max and was ready to eat some cake!!!

The first big hand came as below and was for about a $300 Pot.

A guy in early position limped with K K
In middle position I picked up A A and raised to $9

It folded back around to the limper who raised up to $40 and I reraised to put him allin. He of course called and the board came:

Q 10 3 Q 7

I was now up to $350 and felt good. I chipped up to $390 and the following hand came along:

The second big hand:

The UTG player and the cutoff both limp for $2. I limp behind on the button and the SB completes and the BB Checks.

The flop comes 8 9 2

It checks to me on the button with 8 8 and I make it a pot bet of $10.

The originally UTG raiser preflop reraises me and now makes it $40. There is no way I am putting him on a set of nines here. With his UTG limp preflop I am putting him on an overpair. Possibly J's or Q's. I reraise him to $90 and he shoves on me and goes allin for $189.15. I instant call having him covered and he flips over 10 10.

The Turn comes the Q and river is the 9 giving me a boat and I win a $465 pot with my set of 8's :)

I am now up to about $625 and cruising along.

The third big hand comes as below:

I have A K on the button and make it $9 after a good player limps in middle position. The BB calls and the middle position player calls.

The Flop: A 7 10

It checks to me and I make it $18 which is about 2/3 the pot. The BB player calls and the middle position player folds. If the middle position player had called here I may have been a little worried, but I was not worried about the BB player since I did not recognize him and he was probably just jumping over from the Casino on a friday night after making his sports bets.

The Turn: 5

I see this as a safe card after his check and bet $25

The River: 3

He checks and I bet $35 as a value bet, but also feeling a little scared he may possibly have A10. If he calls here, he only has about $40 left and I am hoping he pushes it in. He just calls and I win the $181 pot.

So your asking what does he have??? AQ or possibly AJ......No......He had 10 J. He called me down with middle pair thinking it was good

So I am now up to about $710. I am looking for the 500 BB mark tonight, but I end up spewing off a few chips and can't hit with anything. I lost a few chips with 7 9 to a rivered higher two pair, but was still doing fine when one of my last hands came along:

The table is getting ready to break and there are seven players in the hand. I am dealt A A in late position and make it $9 after a player in front of me limps. The SB and BB fold and the limper calls my $9 bet.

The Flop: 8 Q 7

He checks and I make a pot bet of $20. He reraises allin to $86. He could have a set of 8's or 7's here, but I am putting him on a flush draw and possibly KQ or something. I call another $65 and he turns over
Q J .

Turn: K
River: 4

He misses and I take down the $190 pot and am up to about $790 and almost 400BB. I play a few more hands until the table breaks and finished up about $775 in about 3 1/2 hours of work.

I am happy with the outcome especially since I was only playing one table most of the time.

The trip to Tulalip to play some live NL and start the review will be happening after Christmas or I may possibly make it up there Christmas eve. I have some plans this evening at 6pm and it is noon right now, so I don't think I will have time after my Christmas Shopping today. It is about 30 minutes north of where I live. Tomorrow is Football Sunday and I will be at Qwest Field rooting on my Seahawks as they take on the Baltimore Ravens. It is the final Regular Season home game and in a couple weeks we will be back playing in the 1st round of the playoffs. I will probably play some online games tomorrow night so look for a new blog. Will either be the $10 Stars Rebuy or more Cake Poker 1/2 NL cash.

Merry Christmas to All!!!!!!


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