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$1500 NL Tourney

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Podiman Headed down to Atlantic City this weekend to play in the $1500 NL tourney at the Borgata. It was brutal. Was 2nd best all weekend, KK ran into AA, 555 ran into TTT, but I did make one sick play. Got AA and raised, got 2 callers, flop came 973, I bet, fold, then got raised, I re-raised, he went all in. Took me a while, eventually folded ,and he showed 77. Last hand that sent me packing was KK in MP, I raised and got 2 callers, flop came TJQ with 2 clubs, I only had $300 left so I went all in and of course he had QQ, and I missed all my outs.

Honestly.. game was not that tough, the hands people were calling down were horrible, I was just card dead. I don’t know if I have ever seen cards that bad ever. K2, A5off, 73… just nasty, fold, fold, fold… I was a folding station. Got AA one time in BB and everyone folded around to me, FUCK!

I was at 2/5 and got AA 3 times, flopped a set all 3 times and got zero action. Just one of those runs.


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