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Been playing cards from an early age, cause when you are young and in Boarding School, there is a lot of free time and not a lot of options. We would play every game and every variation; Baseball, Night Baseball, Guts, Dynamite, Pass the Shit, Screw Your Neighbor, stud, draw and even a litle hold 'em. I didn't really get into Hold 'em until around 2001, as there are (were) many underground clubs in NYC.
I have won several online tournies and done well in some majors. I keep getting very close to the top and just missing. I placed 15th in the Bellagio WPT $5K in Oct. out of 102 (top 9 get paid), took 16th in the Foxwoods double shootout in Oct (250 in the finals), 72nd out of 1110 at Foxwoods $500 last year, and others.

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