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A little NL, but mostly 3/6

Luxor Hotel & Casino
I’ve got a little itch to play NL, seeing as I’m +$511 from limit at this point, so Alex, Ubaldo, & I sit down at the famous Luxor $50max game. I play two hands, go all-in on both, and lose both to Alex, who has top-pair-higher-kicker both times. Well there goes my NL experiment.

A 3-6 game is about to start, so I join it, and find out it’s this “tournament” Luxor has where anyone with 15 hours the previous week qualifies for the jackpot. Whenever someone wins a pot that’s at least $40, they get a ticket from the dealer, and after three hours, whoever has the most tickets wins $375. But other than that, it’s just a 3-6 cash game. Anyone heard of that before?

It’s all 15-hr locals at the table except for me, and I recognize one guy in a wheelchair right away, who’s been at Luxor every time I’ve played there (last June, October, December). His name’s Tulio and seems tight-aggressive, the only one at the table that way.

The game starts and I figure out after an orbit that if no one flops the nuts and the pot isn’t $40, they don’t care about it. It’s like it doesn’t count since it’s not a jackpot qualifier. So, I loosen up, but avoid playing against Tulio, get a little aggro, and turn-bluff three $20 pots, and not just heads-up or position bluffs; there are like three to six people in the hand, and position doesn’t matter.

Shortly after that, another familiar face sits down: Angry Black Woman. She’s still mute and angry like at MGM, but now is wearing a sparkly hat. I text Steve to come see who’s at my table. He joins a little while later. I win a big pot when my flush hits on the turn, then do nothing for an hour until I get AA and five callers, and it holds up. Next hand, JJ with four callers that holds up. Two hands later I hit two-pair with an A4 that I shouldn’t have even played post-flop, but eff it. I stand up +$154 from that table, happy to make up that lost hundo from NL.

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