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November to December

Hey hey rags,

I though what better to cure a bout of insomnia than to post a long overdue blog entry..Here goes...

November is gone and for some reason over thanksgiving I urgently felt the need to re-assess my life. November proved to be my most profitable month ever. I definitely am still pleased with my decision to quit my job at the veterinary school while also moving to the 4/180's at Stars. At the time, I didn't know if I was going to make it playing poker full time but I took a leap that ended up ok. It turns out i am now ranked #2 sharkscope(gold swirly star, woot) for 2.5-5 total profit 2008 and have only been playing the 4/180s for a few months

With poker going ok, I still feel that other things in my life are being neglected. Firstly, I am still in school and I find myself not applying myself as much as I should. I promised myself during my thanksgiving reflection that I would press into my studies with the attention they deserved. Secondly, I have been neglecting my body and health. I have never been overweight but rather underweight. I feel as though I am letting my body and genetics go to wasate by not eating right and working out. I promised myself by Christmas I would at least be in 'good looking' shape, whatever that is. Thirdly and most importantly, My life is disorganized and inefficient... Although making a fair amount on poker while in college, I find myself dwidling away my funds via a myriad of ill-advised expenditures. I told myself I would be more efficient by cooking my own food and watching myself at the bar. I really want to start saving more money and increasing my bankroll so I can move up.

Ok done for now...
Peace Rags!


Today marked my first day back at UW-Madison... and after a long break I don't really know how things are gonna work out now in my life. For a while I didn't have to balance poker with school or work and did decently enough. I'm hoping that going back to school will help me become more schedule orientated and will actually have me excited to come home and play poker.
I am playing the 4/180's heavily now and wonder how time constraints will affect my ability to play those. I might throw in some 45's or standard sng's(during class) and see how that goes. Overall I am excited but im also sad because i know i wont be able to be as lazy as I once was...

Ahh well... peace rags!

I think im going to cry

For the last seven days I have been on the most soulcrushing downswing I have ever experienced... I am down 100 buyins at the 4.40/180s and I really want to just throw up. I will start out sessions playing very solid and after getting fucked in the ass time after time, I start to tilt and I have to quit. This is really quite ridiculous since I have tried to make the 180's my specialty.

Ive taken breaks, monitored and improved my play, studied, sent money to Kidpoker and im still getting shit-on in a serious way. I really dont know what to do but keep playing and getting more and more depressed. I cant wait until I look back at this entry and try to feel the emotions I feel now. Its friday and I need to get drunk. but first im going to cry

peace rags

Its a blog entry

Que pasa fives...

Its been a shamefully long time(early June)since I’ve sat down and updated my blog. My blogging aspirations have been seemingly crushed by my utter lack of motivation to do anything other than play poker, sleep, and go out at night. How did I compel myself to create this entry? Well, I consider tomorrow to mark another chapter in my life in Madison, Wi and I wanted to be able to reflect on and document the last month or so. What better place to examine your life’s standing than in a blog that was to facilitate this type of analysis in the first place. Blah blah blah lets get to it…


My last post I wrote about how I was quitting my job at the university to play poker full time for the summer. I had recently switched to 4.40/180’s with encouraging success and wanted to give making poke my main source of income a legitimate shot. Although I haven’t nearly been putting in the # hours I had planned on, there have been some minor achievements and developments that I feel I should mention.

A) I am still doing very well at the 4.40’s and have raised my ROI another 7 pts since I last posted.. It now stands at 21%

B)I am now ranked 8 and 7(>3 tables) for total profit for 2008 on Sharkscope and have a silver star thingy.

C) I was approached for staking by the owner of a poker training site who has since given me the opportunity to play the higher stake 180’s on stars.

At the higher buy ins I have been running so ridiculously bad and coming so close to a major cash (my standards) that I havn’t even made a dent in those and am currently running a upsetting loss. Hopefully this will turn around.

In general, I really have got to work on getting more hours in so I can realistically play two sessions. I may need to sacrifice going out as much but that is prob a good thing in the end anyways. I am still pretty new to MTT’s and feel that there is a lot I can do to improve my game and profit margin. I’m still looking at ways to accomplish this.

2) Life

Tomorrow I will be moving out of my one bedroom apt into a nicer 5 bedroom place. Although I am excited, I’m wondering how it will ultimately affect my ability to put in the time and quality into my sessions. I’m living with two cool guys and two cool girls so the ability to socialize will be greatly increased domestically. Most are in grad school already so I doubt any major circumstances will arise. On a plus side, one of my roomates is a huge video game head and is fairly active so there will be an added options when it comes to winding down, relaxing, or taking a break from poker. I think this transition will be a good thing.

I have about a semesters worth of work left in my undergrad… when I go back to school in September I wonder if I will be switching to mainly SNG’s and/or turbo mtt’s as time constraints will become more real.

All in all I am happy that I left my job….. The added flexibility is amazing, but I feel as though I am already taking the freedom for granted. Losing sessions have the potential to sour any day and the mental anguish that sometimes goes along with playing poker seriously make me sometimes question my choice in direction at times. Then I usually conjure up some image of me in my office setting and I quickly snap back to my senses…

Almost nothing is perfect and easy….but having tough times seem to give more weight to the good ones…

I gotta keep telling myself that
Blah blah blah.. I’m done
GL and Peace Fives!

May Breakthrough

Hey Rags...

This is probably the first time I’ve ever been excited reporting poker news. I think its simply because I can start to see some of the time and work pay off to some degree.

Let me offer a little background for those who haven’t been following my sporadic and disappointing attempts at blogging. I was primarily a lowstakes, halftime sng grinder with good but not great results and have since moved to lowstakes mtt's (just 180's for now) with encouraging results. May was the first month I was to take the 180's seriously.... Below is my report.

My May goals were a bit ambitious given my work situation. According to my 2+2 goals post I wanted to: 1200 games..
3k+ profit
Improve mtt
Work out
Not neglect other duties

I find it amusing that I did not accomplish even one my goals but am still pleased with the month overall. With only 355 games for the month of May under my belt I managed to have my best money month ever.

click to enlarge the image

With these results in mind and playing m-f from 5-10PM I decided that the next step towards increased profitability would be to up my hours by having both a session in the morning and one in the afternoon. I currently work for the university for 5 hours a day 11:30-4:30. If I want to play poker, keep a job, and have any social life at all I can only put in one session a day during the 5-10PM timeslot. Looking at this situation critically I then decided to give my boss my two weeks and eliminate the troublespot in my schedule. It simply is not worth my time in light of possible anticipated earnings

This is a scary step for me

But I want to give poker my best… I’ve been learning to trust myself and it has payed off so I want to see where this will take me. I will still have plenty of great references and a pretty damn nice resume to back me up if I do need to return to the workforce.

click to enlarge the image

Ive spent roughly 2-3 years playing sng’s and eeking out some profit… I found out that in two months playing 180’s I’ve made more profit than I’ve EVER made from sng’s… I don’t know is that is a brag or beat….

click to enlarge the image

For an added bonus… when I was checking for my stats this morning I found my name had one of those Sharkscope star things!!!
I am ranked 17 in any game>3 table $2.50-$5.00 total profit leaderboard… WOOT!

Hoping for a good June…
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