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First experience with and Green Plastic

I tried out today. A buddy of mine uses it all the time and thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread so I thought I would give it a try. It’s basically a poker learning site. They have a bunch of pro poker players who record their online sessions and do audio commentary explaining what they are doing. Pretty cool idea so far.

The first video I downloaded was by a guy named Green Plastic. This is the name he uses on The video I watched was a $5/10 game that he recorded on 10/28. Green Plastic plays a very aggressive style. He says that he usually plays $25/50 and $50/100 so $5/10 is way below his normal stakes. To keep himself from getting bored he plays a very aggressive style and he says that it works great and that he’s been killing the game. Cool, I was looking forward to seeing him at work.

He buys in for $1k and is at a short-handed table. There are 4-5 players throughout the session I watched. There was one guy called hm_general who had $3k and everyone else also had around $1k or a bit less.

Let me start out by saying that Green Plastic does seem like a very articulate and thoughtful player. I do commend him for making these videos and I assume he is as good as he claims to be. However, the first major hand I watched was very interesting and I really think he completely botched the hand. Let me share it with you:

Our hero is on the button and has AK and still has about $1k. There are two limpers to him and he raises $50. Only the SB calls.

The flop comes 398. It’s checked to our hero and he makes a pot sized bet of $120. The SB calls.

The turn brings a second 9 so the board now reads:


It’s checked again to Green Plastic and he checks. I HATE this check. He made a strong bet preflop and a strong bet on the flop. He likely has outs and perhaps is ahead right now. Assuming he bets the pot or pushes, what would call him? Definitely a 9, which is an unlikely holding but possible, definitely a made full house and probably AA, and maybe any overpair to the board but not likely. Nothing else would likely call. Right? My point is that with a strong drawing hand like AK I just don’t like the check given that so many hands that have him beat will fold, AND he likely has outs on the river even if he does get called. Now he is basically forcing himself to hit his outs because a good opponent will bet the river with a missed draw or a weak pair and maybe an overpair to the board.

My real issue is the river action. The river brings the J. This time the SB bets $360 which is a pot sized bet. Green Plastic doesn’t think the SB has a 9 so he pushes. It’s now another $480 for the SB to win about $1500 so he’s getting 3-1 on is call. Now if he has absolutely nothing I can see him folding, but what are the odds that he called a $50 preflop bet from out of position with nothing? What are the odds that he called the pot sized flop bet out of position with nothing? His check on the turn makes sense with a medium pair, an overpair, a fullhouse… basically any hand given that he believes that Green Plastic will continue to bet on the turn. There’s the problem with the turn check. Our hero now knows NOTHING about his opponent’s river bet. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

It turns out that the SB called with QT, so he did have very little preflop, had only a gut shot on the flop and made his hand on the river. While I don’t agree with the check on the turn, I HATE the river push. Our hero had virtually no information on the strength of his opponent’s hand given the check on the turn, yet he still pushed on the river. Now perhaps we can justify this crazy play if we had a tight image. However, he had been raising most pots and betting and check raising hand after hand. He had a hyper-aggressive imagine so his opponent was not likely to give him credit for a really strong hand so with 3-1 odds might have even called him down with any pair at all, and as I stated, there were all kinds of strong hands he should be expected to have had.

After the hand Green Plastic tried to justify his move by stating that he just didn’t see his opponent having a 9 given the fact that he didn’t raise on the flop and he was representing a 9 or better hand. However, I believe that there were all kinds of hands that the SB could have that would call the river push, and Green Plastic was not really representing a 9 at all. If he had a 9 it would have been foolish to check the turn after having bet and called both preflop and on the flop. In fact, Green Plastic’s most likely hand was a missed flush draw given his aggressive image and his check on the turn. Don’t you think?

Please don’t take this to mean that I think he’s a bad player. To the contrary, he seems like a strong player who didn’t have enough time to really think this through and he made a bad play. We all make bad plays. I look forward to continuing to watch these videos and I’ll report what else I find. This particular session is only 1/3 through so I’ll let you know how he does for the rest of the session in a later blog.

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