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October review and some other thoughts.

October I'm really not sure how I did somehow I misplaced 1k of my bankroll due to some math errors after adjusting for an extra 1k I made right around 1.9k. After my first 2 sessions where I played 34 mtts and managed only a $86 cash I won a UB $44 mtt for $2.3k I also took down a stars $8/6 max after making a deal I won $600.

After my crushing downswing I decided to change up my game selection. I think a big part of my downswing besides variance was my biggest buy in mtts (nightly $55s) also had some of the biggest fields. I cut the $55s out and lowered my abi a bit and added 2 mtts that are $44-75 so long as they have smaller fields. It seems to work and negates a bit of varaiance where instead of busting 300th in a $55 and being out the entire $55 the smaller field mtts I have a better shot of at least mincashing much less fting.

I also changed my attitude. With my roll just under 10k I see no problem playing some smaller stuff to build it safely instead of going for the big score (5 figures for me) over and over and seeing me not cash in 25-30% of my total session buy ins.

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