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Grindin for a living: February Week 1

DeuceSeven I only played 3 online mtt sessions. On Monday I felt really drained and just slept in real late, I'm pretty sure it was a combo of a minor sinus infection and my body getting used to a drastic cut in calories combined with exercise. I decided in the middle of the week to not worry about my diet and make sure I exercise. I heard somewhere that it's a good idea to do one or the other 1st because it is tough on your body. Pretty sure ur sposed to diet 1st, but I already had a week and a half exercise routine goin.

Tuesday I was 10 minutes from starting a session when my bro called up to see if I wanted to hang out. I buckled and said yes. I ended up going to the casino and playing a $40 mtt. I basically got no cards. My biggest hands were kq 2x, 55, 44 2x, 33. My bro looked like he was gonna make a run so I sat down at a 1/2nl game. My 2nd hand i opened 88 on the co for $10, the button called and we saw a Qh Jh 8x flop. Obviously not the nuts I was going to go with it unless super scary cards hit. I bet $20 into the $20 pot. The kid snap calls. Turn is an Ax obv KT got there and most live cash morons get there vs me when I have a monster. I put villain in as he has a psb left he snap calls and quickly flips up KTo. NH sir. The river is a beautiful Q and I rake inthe $120 pot. That was in fact the first set in a live cash game that's won me money in over a year. I proceeded to open 2 more pots that got called and I won with a cbet for a cash game profit of $78. All in all on my day off I made $38. I would've played longer but my bro is terrible at cash games and was steaming cuz some retard limp/called his QQ shove w/A2s and got there. I'd feel bad when he lost his money cuz he was gonna lose it, so we left shortly after.

I played Wed, Fri, Sat. On Thursday someone came over to look at my water heater so I didn't play that day so I got in only 61 mtts for the week.


MTTs played: 61
Cashes: 6
FTs: 2
Profit: -$754.12

Month to date:
ROI: -51%
Profit: -$754.12

Year to date:
ROI: 0%
Profit: $16.46


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