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LOVE it when you're in Vegas

Mirage Hotel and Casino
EdmondDantes I had the good fortune to attend the Cirque du Soliel show LOVE at the Mirage this past weekend. The show is a interpretation of a number of the Beatles more interesting works interwoven with artistic and athletic performances of more than 60 live artists. The producers (including Sir George Martin) sampled 130 Beatles songs to create 27 new works that serve as the soundtrack for the performances, and the sets, dance and athletic feats are beyond belief. I was transfixed for the entire hour and forty minutes. Even if you're not a Beatles fan, it's a must see event.

I should warn you, though, if you're at all driven or creative, it's pretty humbling. First, you'll be reminded once again about the staggering body of work the Beatles put out, in their 20s, in a relatively short period of time (<10 years as a group). Second, you'll be in awe of the strength and talent of the Cirque performers and their ability to perform and transition with grace and without error. Finally, you'll be struck by the creative and organizational genius that this show requires. It's all I can do to get four friends to agree on a restaurant and then show up on time for the reservation.

If you're in town for the WSOP, get a ticket and go see it. You can see the trailer and buy tickets here. LOVE trailer and tickets.



lakeoffire says

I have only heard great things about the show. After I see the show, we can talk about something other than poker (for maybe at least a few minutes). :)


lakong says

Ed, did I mention that I saw the show with Deb when we were in Vegas in December? I LOVED it. Thought it was the best show I've ever been to. Now I do love the Beatles so I'm a bit biased, but the theatre was amazing, the staging was incredible and the sound was second-to-none. All of the seats had speakings built-in which really added to the experience. Parts of the show reminded me of the Pink Floyd Wall concert or a Mad Max Movie. I had spoken to a friend prior to going to the show and she told me that she was a bit disappointed because they didn't play many well-known Beatle songs. I was a bit surprised to discover that they played almost every one of the popular Beatle songs. What play did she see?

During the opening #, after about 5 mins into the play the music stopped and all of the performers left the stage. The PA announcer comes on to say that they are having some technical problems and don't know when or if things will be worked out. We sat there for about 15 mins waiting and what was funny was that many people in the audience were sure that this was part of the show. Okay, maybe if it was 20-30 seconds or 1-2 minutes. Not 15 mins.

One recommendation on seats: The theatre is in the round, so it doesn't matter where you sit from right-to-left. However there are three levels that you can sit at. We sat at the back of the first level, which was fine, but I would strongly suggest that you sit in the middle level. Much of the show takes place in the air and it probably gives you a much better perspective if you're a little higher up.



EdmondDantes says

Yeah, I thought they touched on almost all the favorites although it is definitely biased toward the later work. Then again, Strawberry Fields Forever and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds seem a little more Cirque du Soleil than Love Me Do, right?

And I agree with the comment re: seating. Not a bad seat in the place; in fact, the theatre was designed specifically for the show at a cost of $100 million+. That said, if you can sit in the middle tier, sit in the middle tier. You won't see the costume detail but you'll get a better perspective on the overall show.



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