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Poker on Facebook

Free-to-play Enterra Poker has only essential poker game features and no unnecessary ones that may draw players away from the game process. Enterra Poker is compatible with any browser for Windows PC and Macintosh users regardless to computer hardware. Players will immediately notice simple and stunning user interface. A number of social tools allow for much more fun each time a player virtually sit down at one of Enterra Poker tables. Enterra Poker includes rating to encourage players to become the best poker player among players from all over the world.

“We integrated our own poker software into Facebook by keeping an eye on what is important to poker players. Enterra Poker allows every Facebook member to play Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem, Omaha H/L, Stud, Stud H/L poker games in one window due to the multitable feature and a number of games included.” said Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of Enterra.

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Poker in Russian social network

New turn-key poker package allows everyone to run a business in the internet. Enterra Poker Vkontakte.RU is a play money Flash poker application for the users.

The “Enterra Poker Vkontakte.RU” package includes:

* client Flash application integrated with Vkontakte.RU;
* server application working on the Customer side;
* administration area to manage the system;
* program of system monitoring for statistics collection;
* poker room unique design;
* change Enterra Poker logo;
* technical support by the software developer;
* system deployment;
* help with starting e-business

The “Enterra Poker Vkontakte.RU” license is perpetual, royalty-free, no recurring or any other additional fees.

Enterra Poker Flash

As the World Wide Web spins the globe, people get Internet Poker which offers new challenges. The Internet attracts more Poker Players, enables to launch more Poker rooms and all in all, the Internet makes the game really world-wide. As the world develops, Internet Poker Players and Internet Casino Owners require new features of Internet-Poker systems. Poker software Providers add features to Internet Poker system so it becomes more attractive and appealing to both Players and Owners as well as fulfill their upcoming needs and wishes.

Enterra, Inc enhanced Enterra Poker with up-to-date and really important features. Carefully crafted updated Poker system gives Internet-Casino Owners more effective ROI and looks more fascinating for Players.

Flash version of Enterra Poker can be broadcasted on a big screen keeping the high quality. Video-support feature deserve attention as it enables to establish video-chat and make conversation at Table more interactive and the game more captivating. Extended statistics by game, table, hand can now be seen on Lobby. It should be noted that Players can use the multitable feature which allows them to simultaneously see up to four tables on the one screen. Internet-Casino Owners will like the features of placing advertisements and announcements to the system, adding any money types, promo-codes, referral programs. The updated Flash version has improvements in system performance, private Tables and Tournaments, input/output money system, messaging in Lobby and Game chats.

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