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Why Tap the tank?

Riddle me this, fish or entertainment player, shows up at your table, and why is it that it seems, some self proclaimed 'expert' at the table Makes it his/her mission to scare the fish (or entertainment player) away?

I don't play online to make a profit, to be quite frank, many people normally rejoice when I show up there, because they know I'm only there to have a good time and enjoy myself.

I really don't take poker online very seriously, mostly because I don't trust it, but also, quite frankly, I get board when I play online.

I tend to play for the most part, freerolls, and the very low limits of the cash tables, and I'm really just there to pass the time.

To me 50 cent poker is nothing, and anything I might lose in there doesn't affect me financially, and I consider it pure entertainment. If I'm having fun, pretty much, I'm donating to the table and I really don't care that I'm losing, because I let my evil twin sister, Donkella out of her cage to play (she loves it when I play online, because it's about the only time I let her out on purpose to play).

One of the big rules in poker, is to find out WHY the other players are there. Are they there to make money, to play seriously, are they just learning the game, or are they just passing time, having fun, doing 'entertainment' type poker?

Fail to do this, and if you yourself are there to make money, you won't be able to figure out how to extract the most money from your opponent.

Never fails though, someone at the online table decides I must not know how to play poker, that I'm just 'lucky' and that's the only reason I've been at the table beating his azz for the last 3 hrs taking his money (and there are a few times I do decide to play poker for the money), and decides he's going to be an Azz to me, cussing me up one side and down the other, calling me down with A/K o/s with me having 2 pr, betting it all the way, and him having at the end, calling me with Ace high.

Case in point, last night I was playing on full tilt, against a player called loumike, who seems to think he's god's gift to poker (a real ATM IMO that one ... lol).

He'd been raising a lot preflop, and he's sitting to my left. Now up until this hand, I was just playing for fun.

I look at my hand, and everyone is limping around to me, I see I have the Ace of hearts, and the 5 of hearts, nice ... a suited connector, and I'm only 2 off from the button, no one has raised yet, so I raise it to 50 cents (it's a 25/50 cent game), loumike reraises, and everyone folds around to me.

Oh what the heck I think, it's only a quarter more to cap it.

Flop comes 2 hearts, and an Ace. Nice I think, I have aces, and the nut flush draw, so I bet, loumike reraises, and I raise again trying to figure out where I am, loumike reraises again, capping it.

Well, the turn is yet another Ace, wheee, I have trips. I check, loumike bets, I raise, he reraises, I cap it, and it's off to the river.

River comes and it pairs the board ... I got an Aces full house now, I check, loumike bets, I raise, he reraises, and I cap it.

I win the pot, and he starts cussing like a sailor, calling me a c*nt, b*tch, and other names of the sort, now curious, what has him so riled, I decide to look at the hand history, and see he had pocket kings.

Meanwhile on and on he goes, telling me what a bad player I am, and how could I of even considered calling him, let alone capped it, I can't resist ... I type .. I'm the bad player? Who raised and reraised me all the way to the river, with the board (double) paired, and with 2 aces on the board? I also remind him this is 50 cent poker, and if he wants to play for real, he should move up to the higher levels, or play N/L poker, not this penny ante stuff that a lot of players like me, don't take very seriously.

The game is on ... he's got tilt monkey now on his back full steam (and of course, now that he IS on tilt, I fully own him, his azz belongs to me), and then another player chimes in, defending me, which only makes loumike even more pizzed. Now that I got his number, every time he makes some comment, I trash talk him, putting him MORE on tilt, and he just keeps reloading his chips again and again.

Over the course of the next 3 hours, loumike turns into an ATM (much to the pleasure of the entire table), he must of reloaded about 5 times for a total of 50 bucks, 30 of which I took from him myself. All the while, he's calling me down with Ace high, and getting more pissed off and saying I just must be lucky the whole time for the whole remaining 3hrs I played (BTW ... after that A/5 hearts hand, I put donkella back in her cage and played for real).

LOL ... some people just don't seem to get it, not everyone who plays online, are expert players, and some who do know how to play, don't always play by the book, but are just there for a good time. One must not tap the tank and scare them away, welcome them instead with open arms, let them feel comfey, and they'll dontate to you all day long.

So, in any case, the question of the day that I don't seem to get here is, why is it that someone must insist on tapping the tank, and scare the fish away, instead of making them feel welcome, and let them donate money to the table and have a good time?

P.S. BTW ... if you're on Full Tilt, and run into loumike ... tell 'em LadyGus says hello!

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