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Bankroll building Cont: A goot night!!

Landlord79 Wow! I had a great night online Tuesday night! I picked up $19.00 over 500 hands while 4 tabling. This was the first time that I have played more than 3 tables, so it was quite a challenging experience. I actually played 2 sessions Tuesday night, one before House and one after House. I was down around $5 before House, but boy did things take off after House! For the night I ran 23/9/5 which is right where I feel like I’m playing my best!

The hand that put me down early was AA, I’ve had this hand several times this month and it has been a loser for me. In a raised pot pf, the flop falls K-Q-3r, and I led out strong on the flop. I was smooth called by a rock but I thought he might be on AK or something. The turn was a brick and I just pushed All in because a decent bet by me would have been $3 and the villain only had $6+, so I figured I was obligated to call a raise from him regardless, so I might as well push it in. He turned over QQ and I was down right out of the gate.

But I was feeling good and confident as my meta-game has been going really well these last few weeks. That disaster of a hand was easy to shake off and I moved on.

Just to keep things short, I’ll abbreviate these hands as much as possible.

Flopped top two pair w/ K-9o on the button lost to KQs due to running flush cards for villain. -1 buyin

2-4o in SB flopped a wheel and stacked 2 villains on the flop, one w/ TP the other with trip threes. I love these hands, they’re great to lead into A high flops! +1.5 buyins

6-6 vs. AJ, bottom set vs. TPTK, I even gave this guy the standard line of ck-call, ck-raise AI, but he still gave me his whole stack +.6 buyin

AQo vs. J8s on J-J-10 flop, turn is a K and I stacked the villain on the turn after he checked the flop. Nice slowplay! +.7 buyin

QQ and KK held up unimproved 4x EACH!!! That line will stand alone.

I also started playing back at LAGs with really high aggression factors who are leading into my pfr’d hands on the flop when the flop comes really low. This is a great way to pick up a small pot safely, though dodging when the LAG has a legit hand is the key here.

For the month of May, I’ve played 1600+ hands at 8.65 BB/100 Hands. The bankroll stands at $91.10. Thanks again to for giving me the seed capital on Full Tilt!


lakeoffire says

Nice hands sir!


Anonymous says

Nice playing. When the guy slowplays his JJJ what did you expect him to do? Even if he bets the flop you're calling with AQ because you have the overcards, the straight draw and you're not buying his bet. So his check is just fine. Good playing. With your AA, my guess is that at the stakes your playing AA is a tough hand because it's probably difficult to get people to fold and to narrow ranges. It's also hard for you to fold after the flop if there are on one or two players in the pot -- again given the small amount of money at stake. Anyway, you're playing great so keep plugging away!


EdmondDantes says

Nice session! That flop play (re-raising a LAG's stab at a low flop I've raised pre-flop is a real moneymaker for me. I raise PF with AK and some guy calls from the blinds and leads out weakly at the 952 flop? I re-raise that almost 100% of the time and 80% of the time pull that pot. "What, you thought I was joking with my pre-flop raise, sir? Here, how much do you like that 56o for a pot-size raise? No? Ok, thanks."

Why not take some of the FT points and satellite into an MTT or play a free-roll? It's a cheap, low risk way to boost the bankroll so you can move up and start CRUSHING the $25 game!



Landlord79 says

Thanks for the positive responses guys! Sorry about not posting much lately but they have blocked tworags from work. I really don't post much from home as I try to focus on playing and family while I'm here. I get so focued on playing cash and making money that I usually don't think to use my FTP's to satellite into anything.

I scheduled a weekend trip to Biloxi in Sept for the Gulf Coast Championship. There's a $5k event going on at the Beau Rivage. I'll check out the Gulf Coast and let you know how it looks!


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