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I've played poker since late '03 (Moneymaker Effect) and poker has gained more and more momentum in my life as time has progressed. I started w/ homegames and freerolls on AP that I ran up to $600 or so, before I spewed most of it off. I moved some of that to FT where I got killed in early '05.

I deposited $75 onto Bodog in Oct '06, made $1,500 or so in tourneys before Feb '07, then w/d my account down to $26 when I decided to quit internet poker. I was back within a month playing that $26 at 10NL on Bodog and I have never looked back. I played $100NL there w/ occasional shots at $200NL but I decided to cash out there and move some of my money to PokerStars.

In December 07 I deposited $200 on Stars and have worked my way up through the ranks again and am now playing 100NL with some occasional foreys into HU games.

My favorite live card room is the Horseshoe-Bossier City. I try to drop in there at least once a month to take some easy monies off the live donks. The Shoe has great comps and is an awesome room.

I work FT and play online when my kid goes to bed. I'm happily married to a loving wife who tolerates my poker hobby.

If I can ever get this snowball rolling downhill then I'd love to turn pro, but until then I'll just enjoy the extra income that my hobby provides.

  Location Breaking Rocks!!!
  Biggest Win $1,530 @ $1/3NL on the Friday after Thanksgiving '07 at the HSBC
  Profession Accountant
  Hobbies Poker, ldo
  AIM Lewsianamn

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