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Running hot is fun

I just wrapped up my best cash game session to date, or at least in recent memory. I ran absolutely sick hot and came away with 6 buyins, which is pretty good considering I was only 4 tabling for like an hour and a half. I hit two straight flushes in quick succession, one of which I got paid off on. Every time I had aces I would hit top set but the other guy would just shove into me. I also think I played pretty well when I wasn't getting hit in the face with the deck, but it's nice to not worry about how to play the hand aside from extracting max value. Hopefully the fire will stay lit for a few more days and I can continue this nice upswing. Pretty soon I think I'll be forced to stop calling it "taking shots" and realize I'm fully rolled for the next level. Thanks for reading; take care.


Quick update

I'm sorry I haven't updated this in a quite a while. I basically had an amazing end to the summer, with great and frequent trips down the shore with my friends. When we weren't drinking at the beach, we were drinking around here, so I've generally been keeping pretty busy. I also started school last week, so that will be occupying part of my time going forward. I even had to turn down an AC trip because of class. Following my return from my beach week I tried to get back into playing regularly again, but I had a pretty nasty 10 BI downswing for a like week and a half. Most of the time my money would go in good, or even great (KK vs AJ aipf, etc), but I wasn't getting the best results. Variance is part of the game though, and I took a short break.

Upon resuming I quickly erased my downswing and even managed to turn it into a nice upswing. I've almost exclusively been playing 6m cash games, with a few HU sng's thrown in just for kicks/variety. My BR is currently at it's highest ever, thanks in part to FTing a $5k 15 gold chip freeroll on Cake. It was a lot of hours to play and my friends were pretty pissed that I showed up 3 hours late for the party, but I was happy with my play, as well as the result. It's funny how you always love tournaments when you go deep in an event, but then hate them when you start the next tournament with hundreds or thousands of players to go through and a meager starting stack; it just feels like such a monumentally uphill climb. I don't know how you tourney players do it. That's all the news that's fit to print, so until next time (which won't be as far apart), take care.


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