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"Small" update

postoakpoker Well I've kind of fallen off the wagon when it comes to my poker blog, and for those 10 (accidental) readers out there I apologize! I've pretty much just been grinding away, basically running hot/killing the games, but also being a huge nit and not moving up despite almost having 100 BI's for my current level. Sigh @ me being so conservative/scared.

I'm thinking about getting some coaching and/or joining a training site in the near future, but can't decide which will provide me with more value. With the training site your money "lasts longer" in that you have the entire subscription throughout the year and can watch/download videos whenever you feel like it vs. 5 hours or whatever with a coach. However, I can definitely see myself being lazy as usual and not watching as many videos as I should. Also, the videos aren't tailored to you and your game; it's entirely up to you to watch them and then try to apply the lessons being taught. If you get caught up IMing during the videos or you don't grasp the concepts in the video, short of rewinding and watching it again, you're SOL. Another thing that I've noticed about videos is that when I watch them, I ALWAYS want to start playing about halfway through the video. This either leads to me being distracted while watching the video, or stopping it and starting up the tables.

As for coaching, it's personalized and you get direct feedback on every play you make, along with an explanation. It'll help you plug your own personal leaks which inevitably leads to higher win rates. However, the negative is that your time is very limited (and extremely expensive). I can also see myself missing the "crutch" of having a coach sweating me while I play. I know it would improve my game greatly, and would most likely be a great investment that could easily pay for itself in a couple of nights, but I keep going back and forth on coaching vs a training site. Unfortunately doing both isn't an option for me atm.

I still have a few more weeks before I make my decision, so I'll talk to some people and get opinions. In other news, I'm going to Florida in 2 weeks to visit my grandfather, and I'm really excited for some sunny weather. 4 degrees with the windchill just doesn't do it for me. I can't say I have a terribly taxing life, but I haven't had a true vacation in almost a year, which is very unusual for me as I'm lucky enough to be fairly well-traveled. If you couldn't tell already I'm looking forward to laying out by the pool and soaking up some rays. There's also a pretty big poker room 20 minutes away, so hopefully I can take some snowbird geriatrics's pension money while I'm there too, although the $100 buyin cap is pretty absurd. They run games as high as $5/10 and $10/20 but I guess if the games are running long enough they can get normally deep stacked. As usual I've written a lot but managed to say shockingly little, but if you got this far thanks for reading. Take it easy.



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