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Final session in Vegas

I’m pumped to play at the B. Before this trip I was intimidated by the place and had never even thought of playing there. Also, before this trip I had never made a poker profit without hitting a jackpot. But I’m up $522 at this point and think it’s time to test myself.

Well, if I really had wanted to test myself, I’d have tried 8-16, but I’m not that ballsy yet, so it’s 4-8 again. I come in with $160 and hover between that and $200 for the first couple hours. It’s a fun table and I’m wishing I didn’t have a flight to catch (but really who doesn’t wish that in Vegas?). Two hands I’m proud of, but maybe I shouldn’t be:

I get 33 on the button. Two limpers and no one’s raised, so I bop it up and get four callers. Flop’s like a 9 7 4 rainbow, and everyone checks to me. I have a pretty tight table image and decide to see what I can do with it, so I insta-bet. Everyone calls. Turn’s a K. Check-check-check-check to me, and I have my 8-stack fingered and ready to fire, but I very slowly check. River’s a 2 and it’s checkville to me; I confidently fire 8; everyone folds.

A little later, I raise UTG with 77. Everyone folds except the BB, who re-raises, and I call. Flop’s 8 8 3. He bets; I raise; he calls, and I think he has AK, or else he would’ve re-raised me. Turn’s a 3. He checks; I bet; he calls. River’s an A. Hmm. He checks. I think he wouldn’t check-raise on the river if he hit that, so maybe he has KQ, and I bet. Oops, he does check-raise. I deliberate and know that you shouldn’t fold on the river, but I tell him “you have ace king” and muck. He flips over A K and apologizes for staying in the hand that long.

I play another orbit and leave +$8, the eight chips that I saved by folding on that hand. We fly back to Chicago that afternoon.

Steve, your turn.

---end of report---

Summary: 8am on a Monday = no limit games at TI or Venetian. Green tea intimidation at Mirage 3-6 = +$30. Free prime rib lunch at Venetian = +++EV. Aggro-playing Larry Bird and river folding at Bellagio 4-8 = +$8.

Whole trip all gambling (poker, Butler bet, slots, BJ, craps, bowling, frolf) = +$530
Whole trip all poker = +$462
Whole trip all limit poker = +$627
Whole trip winnings - expenses = +$198.

More 3/6 -- should have went to bed

I’m about to pass out, but the other guys want to try to all play in the same 3-6 game at Bally’s, so I join in for a hundo. Stupid move on my part. The table’s loose and limber, but I’m donktastic. I lose an early hand to Alex when I have KK and he flops a flush that I check-call down to the river. I lose another hand to Steve when he calls my AT raise pre-flop with 9To, and the flop’s 9 T X. He re-raises me on the flop and I should’ve recognized. Later I end up all-in when my flush draw hits on the river, which gets me back to $55. I boost it up a bit more, then am about to leave, satisfied that I rebounded slightly, when I get QQ UTG. I raise, and everyone folds but Alex and the BB, who just call. Rag flop. BB checks; I bet; Alex raises; BB folds; I call. Turn and river are more rags – at least I remember it that way – and I’m check-calling Alex. He shows KK, and I’m pissed that he didn’t re-raise me pre-flop. Forget that I played stupid; it’s all his fault. I go to bed -$68 and get a whole SEVEN hours of sleep Sunday night.

No limit to be found, but they did have a great comp lunch deal

It's Monday, late morning and I head to the V to meet Alex & Steve. I’ll play any limit up to 8-16 at this point, but of course there’s no game going at the V. Steve & I are on an interest list that never goes more than five deep. Alex sits down for NL, and Steve & I are about to head for the Bellagio, but then what to my wondrous eyes should appear but some workers setting up a lunch buffet in the poker room. It’s a free lunch for poker players that V offers MWF 11a-1p and 5-7pm all through March? Today’s prime rib sandwiches. Steve & I aren’t even playing though, so I ask the floor if it’s okay for interest-listers to partake and he says go right ahead. Ship it. While we eat lunch, Alex wins $200-something at the 1-2, then joins us and we go to Bellagio for one last session before the airport.

Found early morning 3/6 game

The seven whole hours of sleep does me good, and I’m looking for poker at 8am on my last day in town. Unfortunately it’s a Monday. I want to get some comp $$ for lunch and feel like I should play more at TI since they had set up the tournament for us, so I wander down that way, but there’s only NL. So I think “Venetian has that bigass room, they’ll have something”, but nada, and they tell me to come back at 11. Then I wander over to Mirage, and there’s one 3-6 going, with a NL in the back of the room from the night before. I’d never even thought of playing at Mirage before, oddly enough.

I sit down and am loudly welcomed to the table by a talkative guy on the other side of it. He announces that they’ve all been playing through the night, and asks “how much sleep you get last night?” I answer truthfully, and they’re all like “you better get to that table in the back of the room, we don’t want none of your kind here”. I stay. The first drink I order is a green tea and they flip their lids. There was a hot blond waitress there, by the way, the best looking one I’ve seen on the trip. She’s from Texas – anyone know her? Sorry no pic.

Anyway, I win some small pots, nothing spectac, and hover between $120 (my buy-in) and $150. It’s getting close to the supposed game time at Venetian, so I play one last hand, river a straight, and leave Mirage +$30 to go meet Alex & Steve at the V.

A little NL, but mostly 3/6

I’ve got a little itch to play NL, seeing as I’m +$511 from limit at this point, so Alex, Ubaldo, & I sit down at the famous Luxor $50max game. I play two hands, go all-in on both, and lose both to Alex, who has top-pair-higher-kicker both times. Well there goes my NL experiment.

A 3-6 game is about to start, so I join it, and find out it’s this “tournament” Luxor has where anyone with 15 hours the previous week qualifies for the jackpot. Whenever someone wins a pot that’s at least $40, they get a ticket from the dealer, and after three hours, whoever has the most tickets wins $375. But other than that, it’s just a 3-6 cash game. Anyone heard of that before?

It’s all 15-hr locals at the table except for me, and I recognize one guy in a wheelchair right away, who’s been at Luxor every time I’ve played there (last June, October, December). His name’s Tulio and seems tight-aggressive, the only one at the table that way.

The game starts and I figure out after an orbit that if no one flops the nuts and the pot isn’t $40, they don’t care about it. It’s like it doesn’t count since it’s not a jackpot qualifier. So, I loosen up, but avoid playing against Tulio, get a little aggro, and turn-bluff three $20 pots, and not just heads-up or position bluffs; there are like three to six people in the hand, and position doesn’t matter.

Shortly after that, another familiar face sits down: Angry Black Woman. She’s still mute and angry like at MGM, but now is wearing a sparkly hat. I text Steve to come see who’s at my table. He joins a little while later. I win a big pot when my flush hits on the turn, then do nothing for an hour until I get AA and five callers, and it holds up. Next hand, JJ with four callers that holds up. Two hands later I hit two-pair with an A4 that I shouldn’t have even played post-flop, but eff it. I stand up +$154 from that table, happy to make up that lost hundo from NL.

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