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Back in TO, Sunday, FTOPS

SirWatts On Thursday I played some live cash at Foxwoods, the big games were super tough so I mostly played 25/50 and lost around $5K. I didn't really make any hands and I made one bad river call for $2K. Steve busted on Day 1 also though so we left Friday morning. I crashed at his place in Kingston again after the long drive, and then I drove back to Toronto Saturday morning in time to play the FTOPS events on Saturday, and a full Sunday schedule. Saturday went pretty poorly for me, but Sunday was fairly successful. I made a bit playing cash, and then had several tournament cashes, unfortunately nothing really big though. Going deep in several of the major tournaments earned me the win in a sidebet I was in with 10 other people on 2+2 about who would do the best in the big tourneys on Stars/Full Tilt so I won like $3K from that on top of my cashes. Unfortunately I made a bad play deep in the 2nd Chance on Stars which cost me a chance at a big score and busted me in 15th.

Tonight I played some more tournaments including the big FTOPS event and a little cash. I didn't make the money in any tourneys though and I think I lost a little at NL cash. However I saw Gus playing a bunch of 200/400 PLO tables and decided to randomly take another shot shortstacking that game. Probably not a very smart thing to do but I think I'm probably slightly +EV. The swings are so huge though but a little controlled shot taking isn't the worst thing. Anyways here are the big hands: - ty Gus? - I was going to quit after this hand regardless, an unfortunate end to the session but overall still very profitable.

Anyways I still definitely don't want to get in the habit of playing these games too often it's just too big and I'm not confident enough in my PLO game even playing only 20xBB deep, but it's pretty sweet when you're on the right side of these hands.

I'd really like to put in some serious effort to improve my PLO and HORSE games at some point but I just never get around to it, especially when there are still lots of good holdem games I can be playing and making money in instead. When I think about how long it took me to get to the level I'm at in NL Holdem and how there's still a lot I don't know it seems like a pretty daunting task to try to master more complicated games like PLO, O8, Stud 8, etc... but it'd definitely be a really good option to have when I get a little tired of playing Holdem all the time or when other games are softer. Anwyays for now I'll be focusing mostly on FTOPS and the other usual tournaments and cash games.



lakeoffire says

The 200/400 would give me a nosebleed. How often do you sit short in a big game like that. I guess a couple of big pots and you are good for a week. Also, I have been playing some stud 8 lately to break up the NL grind and i really enjoy it. I think it's good to mix it up with various games, it's like a new toy when you scoop the the high and the low...makes poker a little more fun. Good luck SirWatts


harlem says

Sounds like you are committed to raising your play. Being on the right side of a sweet pot is like having sex with a younger babe.
Good luck


Anonymous says

As long as you're commited to mastering the more complicated games, that too will come with time and patience.


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